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[REL] RCG - Roller Coaster Generator plugin for editor


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Looks really good - well done - I'll have a play with it soon :)

How about making it use fewer objects when the track is flat? It seems to use a lot of overlapping objects even if it doesn't need to.

What about creating other things that follow the same curve - e.g. walls along the sides of the track?

Can you drag and drop the control point's 'power' handles or do you have to use the keyboard keys?

It looks like some of the controls/ideas you've got here could be applied to other areas of the editor too.

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Being able to drag the control points, but being limited to the axis they're on would be fine I think. I agree that completely free movement of control points could get confusing. Having both keys and mouse controls would be nice (and easier for people to pick up and use)....

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could you make it possible to change the direction the pieces are set? for this basic street its correct but when trying with a looping (to create a tube) its just rotated the wrong way to work at all

i've also experienced bugs with the test mode. all objects except the control points disappear. is there anything i can do?

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ok thx for you reply, i'm gonna try it again :)

and i didnt see person who really used rcg, it makes my less enthusiastic.

i showed this to some of my friends and they were all like "wtffffffff :shock: .. i freakin need this".. :lol: .. trust me a lot of people (including me) will use this amazing plugin.

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Your patch has been applied by Arc - sorry it took so long! We haven't tested it, so please check it out from SVN and check it all works as it should.

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when i click (left click) this bottom http://tinypic.com/r/27wtw8n/3

is shows this menu http://tinypic.com/r/2vx5b88/3

why that it just dont show the model browser

i use resources(r284)



i have redownload and reinstall

i have also sent a youtube mail to you whit this

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I have the same problem like yosef07212 , My MTA DM version is the last. I scroll the mouse and I see two button , thats is normal ( one is withe and the other is dark ). Im ready to creat a control point , a menu appear, I click ''ok'' , but nothing appear (no streets). I creat another invisible control point, I click with my mouse on the other button (the track button, the dark), I enter my two invisible control point in the menu (this menu appear when I click the track button is name is ''element track''). I choose a model object ID and the number of this object and nothing appear when I click ''ok'' in the track menu. if I go in the menu current element , I see my two control points and my track , but where they are ?

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For all you guys that had the same problem as me (getting a weird menu instead of object select) heres what i did to get it working.

Instead of loading the resource in the map editor open up the MTA Server.exe, type "start editor" then type "start rcg".

Load up the MTA:DM client and connect to your server (Quick connect).

Simple but now it should work :)

**Bug Report**

1. When creating the fourth control point it will no longer join to the last control point without adding track.

2. When you save and load it, it's a totally different shape.

3. Sometimes when you reconnect it's a different shape than you made but you can fix this by selecting and moving the control points.

4. Now and again it won't let me select a control point because it says I'm already controlling it. Most objects are non selectable. Reconnecting is the only way i have found to fix it.

5. Not sure if it's a bug or the way it's designed but you can't (would be nice to) continue editing after you load it.

This thing is awesome though. Keep up the good work ;)

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nice thanks OnTop2k9, it work 100% :mrgreen:

I just have a question : I see gabor 888 in on of these video , play the rcg with MTA race and I want to know if a converter for rcg map exist to convert the MTA DM map for a MTA race map . I very like the MTA race map editor and please ask a response. Now im seeking for that and is hard to find.

thats doest work : http://gtamap.delux-host.com/converter/

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OMG ! Thanks alot alot alot SATAN and OnTop2k9 :D, now I can build loop without the web site ''loops generator''

Amazing converter ontop2k9 :mrgreen: ,cause I just have to put my objects , the other map converter work fine to convert MTA : race maps into MTA DM maps , if I do the opisite , I lost objects in my map. For all guys want to do that (convert MTA DM maps into MTA race maps use : http://convertffs.com/objects/

The only bad thing with the gta sa engine is the damnit objects limit (250) xD

*enb serie work in MTA :) *

Now ! keep the good work for the next version of rcg Gabor, I see one of your video with the new version test and it look like very NICE !

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**Bug Report**

1- after some minutes of editing the game lag a little and close (close without any reports of problems and just the server still alive), now, reconnect and need to test to see the tracks

2- If I load a map or enter on my server I need to test to see the traks (tracks beetween the two control points)

3- I dont know why , but after made a good tracks with 6 or 8 control points I test the map and now cj lag on my face (the camera is stucked at the same place and cj go down slowly and vibrate and the only way to continu editing is to disconnect and restart the server, I lost my map if it not saved. if I save my map when the bug is there, the map shrink like 120 KB to 70KB (I lost some objects), now I have to load the 70KB map or a backup !

when I test the map with the bug in the server I see this info error :


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