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Wanna STUNT with us?

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Hey all.

Enjoying Vice City? Like to stunt? Like MTA?

We're setting up a laidback stunt team. If you'd like to join us and participate in some cool multiplayer stunting in VC, reply!

Or even better: come on IRC on Quakenet and join us in #VCstuntcrew

We try to make some sweet screenshots and edit our replays to make some nice stuntvideo's. We ain't a hardcore gang with strict schedules or something, just some peeps who like to try out some radical stunting every now and then. You don't need fill in a form either, just drop by if you feel like stunting!

Hope to see ya around!

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Doing stunts in vc is one of my fav parts of the game so count me in :D

ive tryed to get in quakenet but there is over 8 different servers could ya post the whole server addy?

:Edit:Never mind i just found out that all the servers are linked so joining any will bring ya to the right channel

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we've managed a few good servers which we can use for private stunting, and hopefully we set up a small webby soon where we post ideas/plans/screens/vids

we registered #VCstuntcrew on IRC server Quakenet, so you can find us there at the moment.

PS: I wasn't very clear about this in my first post, but we are not a clan or gang. If you just feel like stunting, come in and perhaps we'll make a cool video or screenies.

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i dont have mIRC but im good on a bike....id love to join....u got a website up or mayb a e-mail address i can email a replay of mine that i did...:) or mayb some or sumthin or just show u on MTAVC....

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well, we do have a forum at http://www.vcstuntcrew.tk , but most of our lil sessions are 'organised' on IRC.. well organised.. we just hang out there and people who wanna stunt, fire up a server and set up some stunting..

so i'd really suggest you download mIRC at http://www.mirc.com , cause it's just way easier to talk.. im not really comfortable on passing around email addies on a forum either :-/

mIRC aint that hard. if you installed it, all you have to set is your nickname (although you can do that later on too) and press the following link:


hope to see you there. otherwise, post your things on the forum, and we'll be in touch ^^. either way, stunt on ;p

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cause quakenet has much better support and you can find about anything on that server..

i do have a channel on the mta irc server. it's generally for redirecting you, but im usually in there too, and if we're starting a session i can tell you..

sure you can join, vulcan. you dont even really have to join, you can just drop by to see if we're doing anything

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