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[WIP] RPG script development


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Hello all MTA players.

I have been making an rpg script for a while now but now im starting to get to my data storage script where it will store all types of information ( Money, jobs, wanted level, licenses and much more )

The rpg script so far contains..

-> Basic Arrest system

-> Basic heal system ( Due to change )

-> Gui menus to join teams ( Changing soon )

-> 6 teams

-> Datastorage

-> Job center

The following contains scripts that will be added at a later date

-> Drivers License

-> Car shop

-> Anti theft system ( Also works for cop cars )

-> 24/7 ( Please post ideas of items that could be sold )

-> Taxi

-> Robbbers ( Rob buildings NOT players )

-> Much more

Please reply with ideas or to become a developer for this RPG script.

Thank you


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If you don't get any errors in console, check if you don't get any errors/warnings in the debug window (type "/debugscript 3" in chatbox (w/o quotes) or in console (w/o quotes and /)). You should get a warning on that line saying "Bad argument..." How do I know? Well, what is the value returned from your database is string, when you setPlayerTeam you must pass, player and team elements. You should use this instead:

setPlayerTeam( source, getTeamFromName( job[1][1] ) ) 

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It is still in its early stages so it will still take some time untill it is out yet :( But it is looking quite good so far. I also use my hamachi server while im working on it so if you have hamachi join network: Virtuastudios...

I know it may sound a bit noobie using Hamachi but it is nice n fast & private.

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no no no , it isn't weird to use Hamachi , i use too hamachi , :D

ohh , i'm new here and i'm beginer in scripting :P it will be going off topic

u still building RPG ?

I builded a small rpg called: "GreenHood RPG 1.0", but that's not 100% ready.

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