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[REL] Zday, a Zombie Infestation Script


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i decided to upload my map "zTransporter" (CDM based)... a lot of zombie spawns ... 2 teams (Roger & Britney) ...

If you want to see it search in the mta:Browser "Left4Dead" and play on mah server ;) .

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?0c2wmonkeoc

L4D text commands(from L4D2):


/got - Got'em!

/follow - Follow me!

/lo - Look Out!

/hu - Heads Up!

/dead - Dead!

/cool - Cool!

/gw - Everybody grab a weapon!

/whoa - Whoa, yeah!

/sure - Sure, why not!

/horde - Be ready to fight the horde!

/damn - God damn, it's gettin' good!

/lg - Let's go!

/molotov - Throwing a Molotov!

/shit - Oh, shit!

/beer - Grabbing a beer!

/luck - Good luck now!

/takethat - Take that you mealy-mouthed bastards!

/safe - Safe... for now!

/help - I need help!

/pk - Don't shoot me!

/inside - Get inside!

/thx - Alright, thanks!

/go - Go, go, go!

/sc - Sector Clear!

/cm - Cover me!

/together - Stay together!

/love - I love my job!

/block - Block the door!

/kid - You have got to be kidding me!

/grenade - GRENADE!

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?yymnrmztqdd

New skin (hazard dots) (ID: 105 | Fat Groove Street Gangster)

Image: http://www.mediafire.com/imageview.php? ... y1&thumb=4

TXD: http://www.mediafire.com/?tyzgkgmmy0n

i hope you will update zday soon(please add some gamemodes like l4d for survivors, objectives etc....) i can help you with skins, maps and server ... if u want.

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the resource is incredible but some things are missing for example you can add food and water because players like me who stay in one place is to say a ceiling killing zombies is boring and also the m

I am working on updates, thanks for the skin, i'll add it :)

the updates i've been working one seem to be in good enough shape that i can release it soon, but i figure i should get a few more skins done first to make the update worth downloading.

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at the risk of sounding discouraging, that last skin wasnt really what i'm looking for


looks like a blue orc with a fire pattern on his pants. try a lighter blue than that, and pants could be redone. i really like the slashes on the shirt, the red could be darker though

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first of all.. OVER 2000 DOWNLOADS, NICE!!

2nd of all: NEW UPDATE!!!

-zombies now attack peds (aka, non zombie peds) This feature wasn't the easiest to implement, but it allows for interesting things to happen, such as gamemodes where you have to protect "civilians" or have an all out war with other peds (such as my work in progress Slothbot script)

-More skins! Thanks for the submissions guys, the skins look pretty sweet on the undead, the fact that you put the effort in to making them really rekindled my spirit in updating it.

-other minor tweaks to improve gameplay and allow for further expansion

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i have some ideas for gamemodes:

- First to 150 kills will win.

- Get food resources to survive.

- Survive 5 minutes, fight against the horde.

- Run, run and run. (objectives - like ... General: We are waiting on the other side of the bridge with a helicopter !, Survivor: Ok, we're trying to get there. )

- Rescue Missions

- Secure the house/building/base.

- Protect the house/building/base.

- Protect he VIP/President until he is in a safe place

- Infested Survivors (players will be infested with zombie bacteria - some of them are zombies and they must infect all other survivors)

i have many ideas but its a lot of work...

oh and add a new feature to set zombies' speed in maps...

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making a zombie skin should be more than just making the skin tones greyscale, try to add something cool or unique to the skins, like a cool wound/exposed organs or a tire tread or something. (think about how your zombie died) I really do appreciate all the submissions suddenly coming in. if your looking for inspiration, take a close look at the skins 50p made. those are awesomely horrifying and gory.

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