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Alot of suggestions to make this game fun. (Large list!)

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This is really cool and am really amazed but...

Is'nt this just like playing vice city singpleplayer with out missions just with all the fun stuff takin out. like cops and pedestrians and those jackable cars. Yeah i know the multiplayer aspect is fun but just plan killing is not that fun. Thats why half life deathmatch is so unpopular to all the other hl mods.

The multiplayer is fun but you got nothing really to do inless shoot at each other.

The good news is i reckon this could be easily changed if you add a few things in like:

Passenger be able to sit with you and same goes for motorbikes.

The ability to stand on another person car and not slide off.

Make it easy to jack cars.

Gun accuracy has to be decreased stop people from just using mingun (This game was made for singleplayer not multiplayer fairness was thought about)

Choose player model

More cars on map. (Where the hell is the hunter :o )

A good way to destroy cars from other cars.

Animations for walking and running and all other animations.

Frag list or score list wat ever you like.

Oil slicks that drop from behind car and Machine guns planted on front of car for a price (I made that up myself :wink: ) and a car bomb shop (Would be cool to drive your car into some other car and eject before it hits).

Car paint shop just for the fun of it.

Cops (YES YES i know the lag but am not talking about random peds am just talking about the ability to activate it on servers. Like LANS were lag is'nt a huge problem)

GAME MODES (I CANT STREE THIS ENOUGH) Heres just a few of the top of my head:

Team deathmatch: that ones pretty simple

Relism mode: This is more of a varible then a game mode. One hit by the car should kill you in this mode.

Last man standing: Last player alive wins.

Tip: (Or it might be called TAG)

Bomb run: This one needs some explaning. A person gets the bomb and has to touch someones else to give the bomb to. And also the person with the bomb has to be faster then anyone else.

Stuck in the mud: When someone is touched/killed they are stuck in one position intil someone on there team touches them. Once one team touches all the other teams the team which is stuck loses.

Capture the flag/whoopie: Get the thing in question, back to base and the person caring the flag should go at a slower speed then other normal people.

Hold the flag/whoopie/area: Which other team holds it for a total of 10 minutes (you can change it) wins.

RACE (I CANT STRESS THIS ENOUGH): Races can be the funnest game ever. BUT LISTEN TO ME. The main problem with races is that when a person gets ahead, THEY STAY AHEAD. You need to implent some way so that losers (In postions) get advantages. Like in super mario cart the loser has higher chance of getting better items. You must add races in but

Checkpoint roundup: Get all the checkpoints on maps to win. Who has the most checkpoints win.

VIP: Now you could have quite a few variations on this one. One option is to have two teams which both have vips and the choices be to protect one or kill the other teams. Another variation is to have one team defenders of the ONE vip and the other team Assassins of that vip.

And the defenders have to get the VIP to a certain location. (This is where passengers come in handy)

Capture the base: Caputre base by base intil all are conqured

Suvival: Players are hounded by police/military. And the last man standing survives. But heres the fun part. When someone dies they become a police man (Police uniform) and drives police vechile and has to try to kill the remainding players (I like this gamemode).

Cops and robbers: two teams, cops and robbers (Pretty simple) who try to Kill eachother or someother objectives.

Breakout: Two teams. Similair to cops and robbers. When one person in a team gets killed by the opposing team they respawn in a jail of the enemys teams. the other team can free there team mates (Similiar to stuck in the mud) When all the opposing team is captured the game starts again.

Stunt map: Who ever can score the highest points in stunts in limited time. ( this one could be tricky to program)

Cooperative: Do the singleplayer missions (Highly doubt this gamemode will exist) Or do custome missions released by MTA or other third partys.

And sure there are so more werid and exotice gamemodes you can create by thats just my two cents on how to make this game less borining for now.

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it ll be nice to have game-modes in mta .

I have a sugestion.

STUNDMAN, or somthing like that.

you have to do stunds, and the one whit the hiest score (must monney)


maybe, you can also steal some ideas from hotpursuit. racing whit cops after you, or gett a stolen car to a paintshop ...




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Ofcourse, Game modes will have to be implemented to get some real playability in the mod. Most of your suggestions have been posted a lot of times, some of them weren't and might be usable. We are still working to optimize our mod's mechanical code before we can start work on the game modes. We are all looking forward to implement funny things to do in Multiplayer, but we have to make things stable first.

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simple, but didnt see it in the list:

player names in game!

it's bloody annoying to set up a stunt or something and some wanker ruins it and for half an hour we are just trying to find out which nick belong to that skin

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