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Multiple Instances Multiple IP's

Guest slampt

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Hey ppl,

Ok I know you can run multiple instances if you change the port it listens on.

But can you bind MTAServer to a specific IP address (my server has multiple Ip addys)

for e.g. like counter-strike


./MTAServer +ip


./MTAServer +ip

ANy help would be great.


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It just max it easy for expandability and multiple instances running on one machine.

I look after a number of gameservers and I really wanna make a MTA server one of them but the bosses wont allow just one machine for it :(

So if you guys could thik about that, that would be fantastic.

That way you can run say a VC and a GTA3 one on the same machine on diff ips.


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Definatly a much needed feature to be able to specify IP address. Standard in any multiplayer game server I've ever hosted. Otherwise the server just binds to the eth0 interface (assuming linux here) which is something i dont use for the game servers.

I always set up IP aliases so I can move the server and IP to a different box without having to worry about the IP changing.



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