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kickplayer (source) - Access denied

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I want to use this script that kicks a player for spawning a Rocket launcher or minigun. I used the command in the script "kickplayer (source)" but whenever somebody spawns one it says on console "WARNING: mini.lua: Access denied @ 'kickPlayer' - Line: 6". How yould I allow it to kick aa player??? Also is there a command to make an exeption for admin class???

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I myself have made a script for this before<< But anyway it is saying access denied because you have not gaven that resource admin rights.

If I am correct any element that wants to kick players needs admin rights rather its a player or a resource

The easiest way to solve this would be to add this resource under the acl.xml under the admin section

try putting this in there

 name="resource.yourresourcenamehere" />

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