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6 spawnpoints and a teleport menu+window

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I have download this Freeroam GUI http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ails&id=43 for a Freeroam Server :)

But i dont want that the on the start comes the the map, i wanna that the player spawn on one of my 6 spawn places and when he die he respawn on one of this too :)

And i need a warp window where i can add places, so that the player can press F4 or a other F key and then the player see a window with all spawn places where i have add :)

With a easy add new warp places for me :D

I hope someone can help me :) I am a big noob in make scrips i test so many things sinces weeks but i am to bad :(

BIG BIG BIG THX when someone help me :mrgreen::mrgreen:

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