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GTA:VC GAme Type Ideas


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Here are a few ideas i can think of (brought to you by Sleep Deprivation)

:arrow: PTY (Protect They Yacht)

pretty much the same as the single player mission where you protect the yacht as it escapes the city, except the yacht would move slower, and you'd have more pople to help you

:arrow: Sea Sparrow Hunt

Pretty much a version of Smear The Queer, but with helicopters. One player has the sea sparrow, and everyone else has hunters. the object of the game is to destroy the sea sparrow and then stay alive as long as possible. destroying the sparrow will turn you into it, and turn the origional driver into a hunter. this could also be dont with a car or boat instead of the sea sparrow

:arrow: Gang Warfare

the same as a normal 2 team game, except every player has 2 or 3 bodyguards protecting them, making the teams twice as or three times as big

:arrow: Checkpoint Scramble

everyone starts off in a random place in the city in a slow-ish car. the aim of the game is to get to the checkpoint before anyone else. this could be done by drive-by shooting other cars to death, and getting a faster car.

the checkpoints randomly change locations (spawning along car paths) to make it impossible to list all the locations that could exist

:arrow: Buying Mode

instead of starting off with a ton of weapons,you start only with a pistol. you can use this to hold up shops and kill other players to get cash (killing a player gets you 3 cash pickups, no matter how much money they have) you can then use the money to buy more guns, to kill more people, and so on. the aim of the game is to be the first to buy the Vercetti Mansion

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I would love to see a 'The hunted' mode. Its simple; One person is 'it' and everyone hunts them. Killer gets a point. It would be great to see how far someone could get by land, sea, and air before they are brought down.

Also a 'drug deal' mode where a small team of people have to meet, and then transport a briefcase to a safe location. the meeting place and final destination for the case could be random.

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