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[New Server] Welcome on Psychomania

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Why Psychomania? Sure, there are already enough servers with different Games. Why not, we say!

Certainly you are also irritated that your favorite Server is full or the players are unfriendly.

Now is finished with it.

Psychomania offers all your favorite Games of other Servers, e.g.:

Freeroam GUI, Race, FalloutV2, Assault, Stealth, Classic Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and more

These Games are supported by excellent Scripts which still improve in appearance of the stay on the server:

like Superweapons, Paintball, Headshot, Glue, Wantedlevel, Interior, Airbrake, and more

And because you maybe often don't like the current Gamemode, we also offer the Votemanager with which you can vote which Game should be begun.

Forget full Servers with unfriendly players. By the engagement of the project manager Psyblader we are almost always accessible to you now on a well-arranged connection.

Go even today on or now and enjoy the world of San Andreas with great Games.

In the Forum you are always welcome and numerous Admins stand to you aside.

I hope we see you on the server.

See you later,

your team of Psychomania

© Psychomania

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No offense, but the way I see it there is very little point in advertising a server full of modes and scripts you didn't write, with the same old votemanager scheme that's already overused..

It doesn't really help that it appears to be hosted on a home line... (notice the dyndns host)

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