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blackscreen+ding in the backround=

Guest tupper

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this is bs it happens with GTA3 and VC it happens when i use trainers and when im not using them

it happens when i try to join a server on MTA everytime

everytime it happens i have to reboot because i get an illegal operation on every other program i try to open..internet explorer, outlook express.. AIM..ICQ

the magical illegal operation that happens.. when i click Details it says it caused an error in 'Unknown'

ive got win98-id be on XP but my video card wont work on XP.. go figure

ive got vc v1.1

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wtf this isnt about single player bs.. this is about MTA..u no multi-theft-auto

no one said i was using trainers in mult...even if i was that lame i coldnt cuz........i cant join ..wow

btw theres an error on this forum

Warning: (null)() [ref.outcontrol]: output handler 'ob_gzhandler' cannot be used twice in Unknown on line 0

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i can speak english fine...i dont understand why im wasting my time on this forum, ill just download gtat...something that actually works

seein as teh how im just gettin spammed and slapped around on this forum and getting no support

delete my username

delete this topic

braindead was right mta sucks

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You could try to re-install Vice City, because you need a clean install for MTA to work properly. Also, some people have found that placing the american.gxt in the root of you VC directory helps for some reason. I probably don't have to remind you that you should put the client on version 1.1 of you have VC 1.1 installed. If you really would put some effort to it, I'm sure you can get it running. And if you can't, well obviously, you can always play GTAT.

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I have the same problem, but ever when i start the tool and than VC came this prob.I've uninstall VC after that i install the tool but ever the same problem.Maybe MTA doesn't work with WinME.

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I had same prob as above. Following worked for me.

Started VC only and went to the "Start New Game" screen. ALT-TAB out and started MTA, connected to server, went back to VC and started new game. Worked fine ever since. No dings, No black screen, No illegal exception errors.

Win2ksp3, VC1.1

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