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Win 98 comp. mode in XP = nogo

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The Win98 Compatibility mode in Win XP solves some problems but causes even more. You become invisible to other players and you can't kill anyone, your actions are not registered. Therefore do not play in this mode since you do not contribute to gameplat and may experience some problems

2 things happen :

you crash more now ; just restart the game

the textures load very slow : give it time

This is for the GTA-VC.exe : it has to be run in windows XP without compatibility mode enabled. The client may still be ran in Win98 mode but we recommend trying it without coomp mode and if you can't get it without try it in Win2000 mode

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Can you tell me axactly how to change the settings so that MTA and Vice City are compatible with Windows 2000 Professional, because people cant see me now. I wanna play normally... :evil:

Thanks in advance. And make the explanation as much detailed as posible please. 8)

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I heard that if you play MTA:VC under Windows 98, it will not work. Is that true?

yes its true. you will be constantly disconnected from all servers. for the time you are actually connected, noone can see you, and there is horrendous choppiness. noone can see you talk either

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You don't understand. People DO see me talk when I connect to a server. And I never get kicked out or anything, people just can't see me because I am using Windows 2000 professional. :roll:

I always have the SWAT-skin 2. I just wanna know how I change my settings so my MTA is compatible with XP and 2000. Gimme an explaination please :cry:

I really wanna play....

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Well, let's talk about your first part.

You can still type in the game, but cannot see the data from the game because they are two different systems. We have seperated the chat and "game" systems so that they can work without each other, and work VERY well with each other. The chat system is obviously working for you, but the game system isn't.

You are always the SWAT skin because the Client is not interacting properly with the game. This could be MANY problems, or just something simple, but it is happening to certain people. We do not have any solutions as of yet other then to try different game versions and attempt to use the FAQ.

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Okay the chat function I understand now. I thank you for the explaination.

There is something else on my mind though. This one time I connected to a server (1 on 1) and the guy who was in it DO saw me. We had a great time but I wished everybody saw me. Maybe he also had windows 2000 or maybe the server I connected on was running 2000 or whatever was going on. Anyway it made me happy :P

I'll search for solutions and if there aren't any I just wait for the next release.

You guys are doing a great job and I appreciate that.

Keep it up. :roll:

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I have noticed that there is usually player 1 is SWAT, player 2 is some other model, and so on. But until recently now whenever I am the Swat dude I experience almost infinite car jackings, and i am killed very easily by other players. I can shoot for hours at anyone in the game, but they will never die. Its whenever i am some of the other character models the game works perfect. Even there are less timeouts and gamecrashes as some of the diffrent character models.

Is there a specific order of character models assigned to the player numbers or is it random or what???

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People cant see me in game , so i need to change the compatibilty modes, but i dont know where i can change them in windows 2000 pro.

If some1 knows it, comment pls


AND no, there isnt a compatibilty tab in win2k properties, so how to do it?

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I have win98 SE and MTA not working :( i cannot have XP becouse my music card is not compatible with winXP :( i want to play VC MTA on my PC. why MTA doesn't work with win98:?: is the version 0.2 will work with this windows??

P.S: im from poland so my enlish is not very good

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I saw a few people that have the same problem as I do. Its very anoying when you want to play online. I can only play for a few sec, and then it just disconnects. I dont know if anyone can see me, but they never shoot back when I shoot at them.. So I'am asking for everyone that has this problem:

When you have found the problem, could you please release a patch or another MTA version, so that people with Windows 98 also can play MTA?


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i keep getting the fucking message

iv tryed everything

1.1 nocd 1.1 backup cd

1.0 nocd, 1.0 orig exe


im running winXP Home with SP1

now if u know how to fix it

tell me

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When we can eventually figure out what is wrong, we will go about doing the appropriate steps.

I am wondering that what is wrong is simply an incompatibility with the windows code you are using for the MTA project, perhaps incompatible winsock programming etc. I'd read the MSDN library on compatibility issues with the networking code.

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