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RP in 1.0 or DP2.3?

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I am about to start building a roleplay script for my server, and it probably won't be done for a very long time.

My question is, should I build it in 1.0 or dp2.3?

because 1.0 roadmap says its like 91% done, so i just wondered witch one to build it in.

I am thinking 1.0 but unshore.


another question also, if I do choose MTA 1.0 to build it, i did play with this once, and could never figure out how to make peds just wonder around without coding a huge movement script with forward key on peds and sensless amounts of markers :/

so anyone know how to do that?

just make them wonder the city, and maybe drive too?

Edit2: i have decided to go with 1.0, but still need to know how to make bots walk / drive around like in singleplayer.

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Making em walk and drive sure is a dilemma, especially in the beginning.

You have to use control states, which might be hard to understand. But even bigger problems exist:

-It does not exist server-side, what forces to use poorly synched client-side scripts instead

-In case you might consider making the whole thing client-side, there is no way to get the ped warped into the vehicle

-Even if you do find ways around this, you need to calculate the angle at which they need to drive and making em steer accordingly (last part is the biggest problem)

-Interaction with collisions etc. would also make this pretty hard, and without it feels pretty fake

I guess I can keep on going like this, but typing on a Wii is pretty annoying to do for something even longer than this... lol.

Anyway, I hope you know what you're getting yourself into if you still want to try. Here are some functions that may help you if you still want to try:



Just copy-paste em into the search box on development.mtasa.com for more details on the functions

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Before you delve into doing all this manually, there are various resources already available that make the task much simpler. For example, 50p has already made one (that is released on community) that does a lot of the work for you. Make sure you search out for available libraries before spending a long time with these very raw commands.

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