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Lag lag lag lag !!!


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omg i cant believe anybody doesnt like this new version...

bad programming...LOL... just look the progress between the 0.3b and MTA:VC - its awesome.

ive downloaded it yesterday and i cant stop playing, cus i fuckin love this version.

u can chat whith people, u can shoot em, u can make stunts and races, its all working... ( just look at the screenshot-area)

very good job mta-team...

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Wow, you sound so appreciative bsr.

From when I've played online so far, there was never one person that complained about the lag. It's not like FPS, where every second counts, it's also just a game, so chill.

Lag issues are minor to me, I find the crashing which occurs every once in a while is a much larger problem than lag.

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  • MTA Team
A first ??? God I never been in a game where noone complains of lag 20 times, Its not connection, computer or server related.. Its just plain BAD programming.

STFU bsr, i don't like people like you.. because they always start complaining like shit on work where people have spent alot of time in.. SO DON'T CRY OR COME BACK WHEN 1.0 IS OUT, OR GET YOUR ASS WHOOPED

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