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I don't like freeroam servers. They're pointless IMO and don't take advantage of the possibilities MTA offers.


For some reason I thought this was a freeroam server. But I still don't like it. The spawnpoints for the different classes are spread out waaay to far. People don't want to drive for half an hour to finally reach someone.

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Making servers actually aiming to be similar to another server is pathetic. Pull your brains together and come up with some new ideas! Because chances are that if you aim to do something that's already been done, and aren't sure that you have the skills to make it better, you won't. You'll be wasting your time, and the players will stick to the old server.

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Only the gamemode would be the same. Different city, gangs,ect. There are things I don't like on that server that would be different on mine.

I have only found 2 servers like freestateproject, none on the west coast. I think there is room for the type of server I want to create.

For those who don't know of this server. You basicly choose one of several teams, each with it's own weapons. You then have free roam of the city to kill other players. You can't spawn anything. You buy weapons at places on the map.

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I play on the server occasionally, though I won’t start criticising what needs to be improved upon. It would be more efficient if the server was based upon one area instead of the entire map, as you have mentioned with the possibility of maybe using the western front.

Grievous, slightly more in-depth, what would you incorporate from your new ideas?

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