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VC Helicopters


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now i swear that vogel had another hunter hidden nearby during the dev tests cause he always used to be in the hunter (and i always used to shoot at it ;-P )

Someone was buzzing me in one of the Mavericks. I'd just found a big gun, so I shot him down. :twisted:

He wasn't very happy! :lol:

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In a later version of MTA:VC maybe you could add another passenger seat to the maverick(don't know if there even is one in the front)in the back where you also could mount a M60 so that a passenger in the back could use it. Or you could instead make this possible only for those who already has an m60 with them.

One of the problems that could follow with this is however that the ammo will become unlimited. But who cares?

This could also go for boats, but i think this isn't as importand because in the boat you don't have to be mounted to be able to use a weapon, you could just stand and use it anyway.

However, im only looking at this in the long run and i dont know even if you bother and i may very well be the only one that is interested in this. But think about it... Helicopter dogfights and carchases...mmmm 8)

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thats a good idea with the whole gun mounted on the chopper like the chain gun but also if anyone says i looked and i can't find what ever helicopter then dont tell them they dont need to know where they are cause i found all 5 helicopters by my self before this map so they dont deserve to know

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I think they should at least make it possible to stand on a car without sliding off it all the time.

I tried that on the truck with the ramp(i don't know what the official name is) while another guy drove the truck. I had to run up and down all the time to keep up and shooting from it was impossible because of the lag.

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