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Help please.

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Today i was making my new MAP for MTA, with RACEMAP EDITOR.

I wanted to add a "rustler", i added it (RACE SETTINGS>SELECT VEHICLE>MENU>CREATE SPAWNPOINT) and then i wanted to add different vehicle "hunter"(RACE SETTINGS>SELECT VEHICLE>MENU>CREATE SPAWNPOINT) but just when i choose it, the RUSTLER also changed to HUNTER...

How to make it not happen?


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yeah i get that download Map_editor for MTA and download Multi Theft Auto 1.0 not deathmatch!! add it to that then move your map from MTA Race to MTA and then you can do yhr rest of your map on there i almost done mine but i got some control's but you wont the add the cars from there dont use race because you only can use 1 car on race only...

And Keep Going On Mta Dont Quit

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