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[MAP]Rafaybot X700 (Robot)


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Obejcts: 61 (57 without laz0r gun)

Worktime: 6 hours or so

Location: Grove Street



<map mod="deathmatch"> 
    <object name="delux object" posX="2483.194092" posY="-1668.102661" posZ="49.919231" rotX="0.0000" rotY="355.7028" rotZ="356.5623" model="3257" /> 
    <object name="delux object (1)" posX="2485.000732" posY="-1658.776489" posZ="57.969551" rotX="2.5783" rotY="225.9278" rotZ="0.0000" model="3259" /> 
    <object name="delux object (2)" posX="2466.709229" posY="-1657.866211" posZ="41.252457" rotX="0.0000" rotY="207.0201" rotZ="180.0000" model="3259" /> 
    <object name="delux object (3)" posX="2482.228516" posY="-1668.001465" posZ="61.547729" rotX="0.0000" rotY="355.7028" rotZ="356.5623" model="3257" /> 
    <object name="delux object (4)" posX="2481.698975" posY="-1668.128784" posZ="71.793350" rotX="0.0000" rotY="347.1084" rotZ="356.5623" model="3257" /> 
    <object name="delux object (5)" posX="2480.846191" posY="-1678.122070" posZ="59.428265" rotX="358.2811" rotY="170.0641" rotZ="356.0804" model="3259" /> 
    <object name="delux object (6)" posX="2483.173584" posY="-1679.060303" posZ="36.900791" rotX="0.0000" rotY="217.3332" rotZ="177.3174" model="3259" /> 
    <object name="delux object (7)" posX="2477.310303" posY="-1667.031372" posZ="93.480255" rotX="186.3936" rotY="0.8594" rotZ="267.4217" model="3259" /> 
    <object name="delux object (8)" posX="2476.353516" posY="-1658.663940" posZ="88.655762" rotX="186.3936" rotY="35.2369" rotZ="1.1003" model="3259" /> 
    <object name="delux object (9)" posX="2491.548096" posY="-1656.143921" posZ="70.946625" rotX="185.5341" rotY="299.8394" rotZ="0.3181" model="3259" /> 
    <object name="delux object (10)" posX="2477.249512" posY="-1676.063232" posZ="89.257813" rotX="186.3936" rotY="18.0482" rotZ="172.0241" model="3259" /> 
    <object name="delux object (11)" posX="2471.179199" posY="-1678.669434" posZ="63.240761" rotX="186.3936" rotY="110.8673" rotZ="172.0241" model="3259" /> 
    <object name="delux object (12)" posX="2474.162842" posY="-1658.051392" posZ="13.529163" rotX="0.0000" rotY="0.0000" rotZ="0.0000" model="16076" /> 
    <object name="delux object (13)" posX="2475.952881" posY="-1662.204224" posZ="87.917725" rotX="347.9679" rotY="51.5661" rotZ="177.4217" model="3287" /> 
    <object name="delux object (14)" posX="2475.140381" posY="-1675.579346" posZ="88.725243" rotX="19.7670" rotY="51.5661" rotZ="174.8434" model="3287" /> 
    <object name="delux object (15)" posX="2494.644531" posY="-1679.776978" posZ="12.775652" rotX="0.0000" rotY="343.6707" rotZ="0.0000" model="16076" /> 
    <object name="delux object (16)" posX="2485.255615" posY="-1664.234863" posZ="72.374268" rotX="1.7189" rotY="340.2330" rotZ="317.0282" model="3258" /> 
    <object name="delux object (17)" posX="2477.487549" posY="-1668.329712" posZ="93.381523" rotX="0.0000" rotY="326.4820" rotZ="0.0000" model="3214" /> 
    <object name="delux object (18)" posX="2483.965332" posY="-1668.134766" posZ="74.696480" rotX="0.0000" rotY="14.6104" rotZ="353.0472" model="12912" /> 
    <object name="delux object (19)" posX="2491.314941" posY="-1668.693848" posZ="68.090607" rotX="2.5783" rotY="164.1525" rotZ="354.7661" model="12912" /> 
    <object name="delux object (20)" posX="2486.210693" posY="-1662.940918" posZ="80.772217" rotX="2.5783" rotY="159.8555" rotZ="349.6868" model="3258" /> 
    <object name="delux object (21)" posX="2485.441895" posY="-1674.806641" posZ="79.998383" rotX="4.2972" rotY="160.7149" rotZ="356.5623" model="3258" /> 
    <object name="delux object (22)" posX="2479.198486" posY="-1668.047729" posZ="67.030289" rotX="0.0000" rotY="47.2690" rotZ="356.5623" model="3257" /> 
    <object name="delux object (23)" posX="2482.687988" posY="-1673.325684" posZ="90.215889" rotX="347.9679" rotY="357.4217" rotZ="266.5623" model="3643" /> 
    <object name="delux object (24)" posX="2486.599121" posY="-1668.029419" posZ="85.141762" rotX="0.0000" rotY="0.0000" rotZ="353.9839" model="3643" /> 
    <object name="delux object (25)" posX="2486.404785" posY="-1668.442505" posZ="80.105713" rotX="78.2087" rotY="359.1406" rotZ="93.5151" model="3638" /> 
    <object name="delux object (26)" posX="2479.912109" posY="-1676.480347" posZ="59.640343" rotX="0.0000" rotY="27.3985" rotZ="355.7028" model="3502" /> 
    <object name="delux object (27)" posX="2483.500488" posY="-1660.056641" posZ="59.447212" rotX="0.8594" rotY="60.0569" rotZ="355.7028" model="3502" /> 
    <object name="delux object (28)" posX="2443.182861" posY="-1673.296997" posZ="74.149178" rotX="339.3735" rotY="178.6586" rotZ="265.7802" model="3470" /> 
    <object name="delux object (29)" posX="2443.611816" posY="-1675.549072" posZ="75.006577" rotX="339.3735" rotY="91.1001" rotZ="271.7962" model="3470" /> 
    <object name="delux object (30)" posX="2466.458740" posY="-1656.411987" posZ="53.499107" rotX="30.0803" rotY="100.5539" rotZ="271.7962" model="3470" /> 
    <object name="delux object (31)" posX="2467.037842" posY="-1653.997314" posZ="52.750084" rotX="30.0803" rotY="195.0923" rotZ="271.7962" model="3470" /> 
    <object name="delux object (32)" posX="2484.673584" posY="-1667.030884" posZ="91.003426" rotX="0.0000" rotY="31.7992" rotZ="0.0000" model="3287" /> 
    <object name="delux object (33)" posX="2465.261963" posY="-1666.999634" posZ="109.958633" rotX="0.0000" rotY="213.0364" rotZ="176.1846" model="3257" /> 
    <object name="delux object (34)" posX="2475.952637" posY="-1665.676270" posZ="74.607422" rotX="0.0000" rotY="257.7271" rotZ="0.0000" model="18201" /> 
    <object name="delux object (35)" posX="2476.493164" posY="-1670.614136" posZ="71.368546" rotX="177.7991" rotY="277.4941" rotZ="0.0000" model="18201" /> 
    <object name="delux object (36)" posX="2469.712158" posY="-1667.469482" posZ="102.545570" rotX="324.7631" rotY="16.3293" rotZ="108.2803" model="1243" /> 
    <object name="delux object (37)" posX="2482.292969" posY="-1667.373413" posZ="77.747849" rotX="298.9800" rotY="0.8594" rotZ="270.0000" model="3426" /> 
    <object name="delux object (38)" posX="2467.244385" posY="-1662.213745" posZ="100.931564" rotX="240.5383" rotY="350.5462" rotZ="74.5303" model="3877" /> 
    <object name="delux object (39)" posX="2466.530029" posY="-1672.025024" posZ="100.882973" rotX="241.3977" rotY="350.5462" rotZ="74.5303" model="3877" /> 
    <object name="delux object (40)" posX="2482.377686" posY="-1660.567017" posZ="86.384109" rotX="0.0000" rotY="0.0000" rotZ="90.0000" model="3877" /> 
    <object name="delux object (41)" posX="2475.321777" posY="-1663.159912" posZ="76.064651" rotX="177.7991" rotY="277.4941" rotZ="351.4056" model="18201" /> 
    <object name="delux object (42)" posX="2476.239502" posY="-1673.195190" posZ="74.902664" rotX="0.0000" rotY="262.0242" rotZ="0.0000" model="1687" /> 
    <object name="delux object (43)" posX="2452.324707" posY="-1675.228638" posZ="72.031624" rotX="338.5141" rotY="0.8594" rotZ="263.1245" model="1691" /> 
    <object name="delux object (44)" posX="2461.323242" posY="-1676.613647" posZ="69.666565" rotX="0.0000" rotY="41.2530" rotZ="177.0442" model="2649" /> 
    <object name="delux object (45)" posX="2484.260010" posY="-1672.508301" posZ="57.050064" rotX="0.0000" rotY="340.2330" rotZ="356.1756" model="3258" /> 
    <object name="delux object (46)" posX="2465.879150" posY="-1661.099731" posZ="104.689270" rotX="0.0000" rotY="323.9037" rotZ="356.5623" model="3273" /> 
    <object name="delux object (47)" posX="2476.122070" posY="-1657.923706" posZ="89.831665" rotX="0.0000" rotY="0.0000" rotZ="0.0000" model="3666" /> 
    <object name="delux object (48)" posX="2474.938965" posY="-1676.824219" posZ="90.154785" rotX="0.0000" rotY="0.0000" rotZ="0.0000" model="3666" /> 
    <object name="delux object (49)" posX="2476.660400" posY="-1662.412109" posZ="79.431435" rotX="0.0000" rotY="248.2733" rotZ="0.0000" model="3666" /> 
    <object name="delux object (50)" posX="2486.627197" posY="-1667.646118" posZ="90.430832" rotX="0.0000" rotY="0.0000" rotZ="0.0000" model="3666" /> 
    <object name="delux object (51)" posX="2470.220459" posY="-1667.201050" posZ="95.160156" rotX="121.1806" rotY="357.4217" rotZ="270.0000" model="1389" /> 
    <object name="delux object (52)" posX="2470.131104" posY="-1669.650879" posZ="95.104782" rotX="121.1806" rotY="357.4217" rotZ="270.0000" model="1389" /> 
    <object name="delux object (53)" posX="2470.357666" posY="-1664.759888" posZ="95.181702" rotX="121.1806" rotY="357.4217" rotZ="270.0000" model="1389" /> 
    <object name="delux object (54)" posX="2466.238037" posY="-1662.347290" posZ="100.231453" rotX="359.1406" rotY="235.3817" rotZ="357.4217" model="1381" /> 
    <object name="delux object (55)" posX="2465.559570" posY="-1672.186157" posZ="100.310768" rotX="357.4217" rotY="235.3817" rotZ="355.7028" model="1381" /> 
    <object name="delux object (56)" posX="2468.178467" posY="-1653.667847" posZ="53.447968" rotX="0.0000" rotY="305.8555" rotZ="38.6747" model="16328" /> 
    <object name="delux object (57)" posX="2452.217285" posY="-1666.277832" posZ="70.078552" rotX="133.1085" rotY="141.7024" rotZ="176.6488" model="3259" /> 
    <object name="delux object (58)" posX="2450.219971" posY="-1668.664063" posZ="71.654968" rotX="330.7790" rotY="132.2486" rotZ="64.9217" model="3259" /> 
    <object name="delux object (59)" posX="2443.327393" posY="-1673.486084" posZ="77.151230" rotX="0.0000" rotY="303.2772" rotZ="40.3935" model="3258" /> 
    <object name="delux object (60)" posX="2459.406006" posY="-1659.883423" posZ="63.938850" rotX="323.9037" rotY="336.7952" rotZ="315.0000" model="1691" /> 

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ye i've tested it yesterday and it's awesome , but there is one thing i really dislike...if you've placed an objekt it's not longer "selected" so you first have to select it again to rotate it etc. D:

//edit ..oh one thing i really really like is that you can work with other players on one map...thats too frakin awesome. :mrgreen:

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ye i've tested it yesterday and it's awesome , but there is one thing i really dislike...if you've placed an objekt it's not longer "selected" so you first have to select it again to rotate it etc. D:

True, you could always report this on the bug tracker.

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but, maybe it can be better, wat is 1.0?

we're talking about the NEW MTA:SA 1.0 (aka MTA:DM 1.0) Map editor. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zisy5zfOJZQ ).

you can get it here: http://code.google.com/p/multitheftauto-resources/ (you need an SVN application like Tortoise to download it)

Wow, I think I fell in love!

But, I can't download it, don't see it in the link.

Can u upload it as a attachement?

Thank you,


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1. get the latest nighty buid client and install it -> http://nightly.multitheftauto.com/

2. get the latest "data zip" for MTA http://code.google.com/p/multitheftauto/downloads/list and copy the folders "MTA" and "server" to -> C:\Program Files\MTA San Andreas

3. Download this Application and install it: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/tortoi ... i?download

4. make a new folder (anywere)

5.rightclick this folder and chose "SNV-Checkout"

6.a window pops up, do now copy the following url in the first field and hit the ok button: http://multitheftauto-resources.googlec ... /svn/trunk ( it will now start downloading the resources ..including the editor)

7.when the download is done, open the folder ...there are now 3 new folders in it, open the folder named "required" and copy all folders in it to: C:\Program Files\MTA San Andreas\server\mods\deathmatch\resources (Note: if there is no "resources" folder..you will have to create it first)

8. now do the same thing with the "edior" folder

9. Done

this is how it worked for me ....

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You're not the only one to state their annoyance at an object being dropped after placement. Could you please paste it on mantis as clearly its worth adding.

What i was thinking of doing is after creation, if you right click it drops it completely, left click drops but selects in keyboard mode.

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FUCK THIS, now i dont even load the map, and it dont got objects, ARH tell me please!

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