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After all

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-Are you using a router? If you don't know what a router is, educate yourself.

-Are you connected to the interwebs directly?

-What kind of firewall does your computer use?

Its quite simple.

I think you are using a router, so you have to tell the router to forward connection requests to your computer (your "internal IP address").

And here is how it is done:

I won't, my quote will. :)


Routers have user manuals.

If you can't read or understand those, noone can help you.

Pfff... You really don't read, now do you...

- Questions are asked, you don't answer them, so we can't really help you further

- You don't give us any more information, so we can't really help you further

- You don't seem to go to the links either, so we can't really help you further

Take some time to read, I'm sure the answer has been given about 5 times...

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This isn't a support forum for your router! Which, incidentally, is password protected, which, incidentally, might be the reason you can't access it...

Ask your parents if they can log in for you, or something.

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My parents wont help, as long as he dont even let me play this :S


What do you expect from us? To guess your parent's password? -___-

If your parents can't help you on this, we especially can't. There's no other way to portforward as far as I know, and we can't help you any further on this.

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if you don't know the password to your router, you cannot forward your ports and then you cannot host a server on your home computer.

The End.

There is nothing we can do about it. It is down to you, and your parents.

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why would u ask us what your username and pass is?thats somthing you should know.not us..

If you take a look at the earlier posts in this topic, you might find that he knows a lot less than he should... :roll: Like... reading... clicking links... searching...

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