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this is annoying...

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Game-Monitor has been having some problems lately, it might not add those servers instantly but after a longer while.

Ask someone if he can connect to your server by its IP address/port. If he can (and if you've got ASE parameter set to 1 in server config), then likely you'll just have to wait till your server becomes visible in game-monitor/server browser. Obviously you should keep it on in that time.

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MTA automatically registers your server at Game-Monitor.com, so all you need to do is foward the port and the ASE port (port +123)

I'm having the same problem - I've just created my server and it works normally, only it isn't shown in the in-game server list, nor on Game Monitor. Now, I don't know whether the problem is with that wait time (because the server hasn't been up for 10 minutes in one piece), or I have forwarded the ports incorrectly, which is most likely the problem. What do you suggest; if the problem is with forwarded ports, how can I make sure they are forwarded properly?


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Yeah, I know that... But you know what would be nice? If someone would login to my server, just to check if everything really works fine. Connection info:


Port: 22004

I'd appreciate it :wink:

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