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P(Don't know num :) )The ingame chat is hard to handle, after i press T most of the keys don't get 'picked up' for example if i wanna write Hello i need to press on the keyboard HHHHHHHHHHHeeeeeeeeeeelllllllooooo

and the screen displays something like HHelllloo

sometimes the T key himself don't get picked up

note 1: This happend on each and every server!!!

note 2: I did tried to uninstall EVERYTHING and reinstall, I get the same problem...

note 3: I Also have 98SE(In addition to WINXP PRO no SP) on the same comp, and using the same MTA+VC this problem does not uccer...

A: none yet, hope u can help me...

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on 98 it's ok, blinks alot, but typeing works A. OK

in other words this problem is on my XP

NOTE 4: I'm using regular, starndart PS\2 keyboard and my os defult language is english

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well the problem isnt concerning me, my friend uses WinXPPro(SP1) wit v.10 and joined.

he sees me and runs me over, but i dont see him,

so he came to forums, and did what u guys said, compativlity modes,


i got WinXPHome (NO SP1), wit v1.0 and it works fine

whats wrong?

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Interresting problems..... mine is kinda strange;

Im running vice city with a working no cd patch(yes there are ones that work and im not telling)

I seem to be able to play for a good 5-10 minutes before it crashes with unhandled exception. I know this isnt the worst problem you ppl have seen and it is quite laughable if the cd patch has anything to do with it and even if it does im f***ed cause i lost my damn vice city cd's. If any of you may have a suggestion that could help it would be appreciated. It's ok if you dont since i do realise this is after all simply a pre-release version. I'm simply trying to not restart the game 15 times an hour.


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guys.. this sux! i cant play MTA VC either on Windows ME or Windows 98... when will u make the patch to fix this?? i really need it.. or is there any way to work it out on 98 and ME? Thanks alot!


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Nobody "really needs" this mod. You should save words like "really needs" for things like a life and death situation, not something as "little" as this.

We are trying our best without receiving anything in return, so please be patient and lets hope we can eventually fix the problems that everyone is having.

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lol thats not easy dude.. why should i install XP on about 20 pcs in a LAN station? i guess u should work the patch out faster.. thanks

plz make it fast :wink:

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There are two things I noticed when I played MTA (not realy bugs):

- you can see the cars of the 'destruction durby arena' hanging in the sky if you drive to the upper right of vice city.

- the shooting range isn't there, just void.

These aren't realy big problems but they just caught my attention. (and probably there will be more of those things)

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I have noticed that there is usually player 1 is SWAT, player 2 is some other model, and so on. But until recently now whenever I am the Swat dude I experience almost infinite car jackings, and i am killed very easily by other players. I can shoot for hours at anyone in the game, but they will never die. Its whenever i am some of the other character models the game works perfect. Even there are less timeouts and gamecrashes as some of the diffrent character models.

Is there a specific order of character models assigned to the player numbers or is it random or what???

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I have a legal copy of Vice City 1.0. I have tried clean installs of both Vice City and MTA VC 0.1. I am running it under Windows 2000. I have tried all the things you have listed.

I can connect to a server fine, when i try and start a new game, it comes up with the bar loading it, then a black screen. I then hear a beep and get two errors

"Unhandled Exception Error at" then it gives some numbers.


"gta-vc has caused an error in the program. windows will now close it"

I have done all the things listed on these forums, the faq.

Thanks a lot! :)


It's because you have the australian executable, mta isnt compatible with this as it stands, find me on irc for a fix- MrBump

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For all those people who are being impatient and telling the team to get the patch done faster..it's not like they can just crank out new versions every week just to fix every problem. Software development takes time, you have to understand we're playing on a beta version, and the next version will be a lot better. Just be patient so the team doesn't feel rushed, and the work will be a lot better. Then we can have more fun playing instead of complaining about bugs.

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Yeah, I'm getting a nice problem. Seems like a lot of people are having it. I start up the client I ssearch for servers, pick one and then I join. It stays in chat fine. But when I run the game and play I'll see people, they'll see me. But about 10 seconds later the game says I'm disconnected. I'm running Windows ME (I could change to XP but uhhh backing up files, need i say more?) and version 1.1 .

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