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When I am in a car with another person, doesn't matter if driver or passenger, the vehicle is really jumpy laggy. I can deal with the no engine sound and tire lock, but the jittery makes it almost impossible to do anything. Is there anything I can do to help this situation? Anyone else have this problem?

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Addam wrote:

Yes, its worked one time..

Next time i started the client, but 5-10 sec later the client window closed.

I try restart my computer, and run again the client, but no effect..

Sometimes i start the client, she give me some message from the chat box, like this: http://nihil.counter-strike.hu/~addam/bla.jpg

i dont know this god or not

thanks again

yo man, reinstall mta and no problems :lol:

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EagleEye: the problem is that your C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\config.cfg is empty. MTA:VC seems to delete it for some reason :|

Try re-installing MTA, that should replace the file. Or edit the file (with notepad) to say:

bind F11 showscores

bind F10 showplayers

bind t say

bind F9 showchat

bind F12 screenshot

Hey, i have that problem now alot of times. reinstalling mta solves it temporaraly. But what if i set the config.cfg to readonly attributes????

will that make sure mta doesnt delete it???

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It seems to have something to do with people using colored nicknames...

To set it to read only:

Find the file in explorer, right click -> Properties

Then just check the little box that says read only.

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yeah ! hey :D i use ASE... i find a server... press F9 the window shows up... i press connect... it connects.. i press start game... AND! this error is shown: "some or all of your game files have been modified. please reinstall VC / MTA. (crc check failed)" ok ive searched the forum and FAQ's and couldnt find a solution... im sry if its on the forum already...

but anyways.. hope i get some help.. i just wanted to say thath teh moderators and all the ppl thath knows MTA and helping ppl with their problemz is doing a GREAT job! :wink:

but then again I need help! PLZ help..

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First have you done what it tells you to do? Reinstall? no? uninstall both MTA and GTA ,delete the mta.ini from your windows folder too( dont worry it will be remade the first time you run MTA) and then install them again,what that error means is that you maybe have car mods or your fles have been changed to make your car go faster etcetc you know, the things you do when you download a car, so by doing what i said abocve it should be ok, also if you still want to mod your cars you should have 2 installs as most people here have one for online and one for offline play.Good luck and have fuunn. :D

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yeah yeah ok! 8)8) ill do the reinstall thingie... :oops: i dont have any mods...

first i tried JUST to delete the mta.ini.. but anyways.. thx... dont think it will work though... :(

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Pink-Eagle, try uninstalling VC and MTA, then delete your VC directory (incase any files remain from the uninstall) then install VC again, thus you should have a clean install of VC, and MTA should work all too sweetly.

OK, now i need help. in both version 0.2 and 0.2.2 the skins of other players arn;t Synchronising (syche'd). For example, if i choose a robber, i look like a robber to others, but if they choose a robber, they look like someone else(eg, if they choose cop, they dont look like cop, the look like robber, or sailor or mex etc) . ive tried being other 'classes' (mexicans, sailors etc.) and still the other players dont show up the way they should. Ive tried multiple servers and they all have the same problem. I have the Australian version of VC, but am using a US no cd crack due to the fact that mta is not compatible with the aus vc.exe (also may i note that your so called aus fix dont work)

so some people are probabely saying, "well whats the big deal, so what if other players show up differently"

my answer

its kinda pointless having teams if you dont know whos friend and whos foe, i mean, i cant tell whos on my team and whos not.

So go solo???

Not much fun being by yourself, and still your killing people who are on your team, then they starting bit(hing about you.... then what do ya know, the server kicks you for team killing.. yay thats fun.

Look i understand that it must be hard tracking down bugs and etc, but if you have any idea, anything at all that could possibly fix this one for me, it would be much apreciated.

I also have the problem that everyone on my radar come up as yellow tags, when they should be different coloured dependent on what team they are on. but that one im not too worried about.


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Hi again...

I would like to say something: Don't say thinks like "Get wXP/2k". It sounds like you dont care about w98 users...

You know something? The most of PC users IS STILL using w98/ME than XP and 2k... And believe me, it is not so easy as you think to get XP or W2k! We all know that this is not the one and only solution and we all know that you can make it work. Common you guys! you made it this far and now you are just saying "...It doesn't work under w98/ME... Get XP... e.t.c..."?

:arrow: Remember the day that GTA-VC was released? What OS did you used on your PC?

Rockstar* made a wonderfull work but they didn't managed to make it multiplayable. It is so stupid! All the previous GTAs are multiplayable!

:idea: And then some guys with the skills (yeap!... you guys) said lets make it multiplayable... and yes, you made it. You have made a more wonderfull work than them* and we all thank you a lot. ...but what about w98/ME users?...

:arrow: I wish i had your skills to help you with this but i do not have the skills... :cry:

I do not push you to make it (cause i can't), Im just saying that you have done MTA, but incomplete...

Keep working on it!

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That is not true the most people dont have 9X/ME thats something the user that have it thiunk, and the most people that DO have them dont use their pc that much for games,that esspecially aplies for 98.And its not as if the team doesnt WANT to make MTA win9X/Me compatible,its just to hard since 9X/ME and 2K/Xp are just to different but im sure they have tried.And it isnt THAT hard to get xp , just get 200 bucks(ok maybe a bitt much) but it will be worth it,or 2k its cheaper if im not mistaken.

:arrow: I had windows XP home :)

Rockstar* made a wonderfull work but they didn't managed to make it multiplayable. It is so stupid! All the previous GTAs are multiplayable!

That is not true not all the GTA's are multiplayer gta3 isnt multiplayer neither is gta:vc maybe after a few years they will make it multiplayer.

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I don't know if this has been asked before or if it's even in the right place, but:

Sometimes when I'm typing in-game (mainly when pressing Shift and some other character on the keyboard together, like Shift + 1 to make a !), this "THELASTRIDE" text appears. I don't know why, but it really gets annoying sometimes because I have to delete all of it in the textbox before sending my message. :?

Does anyone know what this is all about?

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