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My server to the offical's list

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I've just launched my new MTA Community called GameNet.fi and it was a huge success. We are getting new members every day, and our server is one of the most popular MTA servers.

So, im asking QA / Beta team to add my server to the Officals list. That would help us to reach even more players to our new community. Our current GRank is 3!

It used to be called as "Hannu's MTA Server 2", but is now renamed for GameNet.fi Community (http://www.gamenet.fi)

Some info in nutcase:

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Uptime: 24/7 (If my server is not being attacked)

Line speed: 1Gbit Best Effort. (100mbit Guaranteed)

Admins: Only active admins, our target is to provide at least one admin in our server all the time.

Modes: Many custom modes and lots of unique maps

Game-Monitor Banner:


Thanks in advance!

- GameNet.fi Team

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