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Dysprosium [Dy] MTA Gang


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Clan Website: http://mta-dy.webs.com/

Clan Server: (not always available, run from home)

Clan Forums: http://z8.invisionfree.com/Dysprosium/

The Dysprosium [Dy] Clan is a new MTA:DM clan run by me starting in Jan 2009. Like all new things, this clan is starting out and does not have any members. There are a few requirements, nothing fancy, but they are the common rules needed by every clan to prevent a noobfest (CnP'd):

1. No cheats at all.

2. No mods that give you an unfair advantage (like modding weapons.dat in TDM or Stealth or modding handling.cfg in race)

3. Respect higher authority. Players will obey Killers. Killers will obey leaders. 4. Respect and obey the rules of every server you play in.

5. If you have a problem with another member, don't start an argument. Contact me (Suerte) and I'll help.

6. Be mature. If you go around spamming on servers with caps lock on, expect to be kicked from the clan.

7. You MUST speak english. You can speak your first language, but you have to be able to speak english.

8. Re-read the rules. You may be kicked for first time offences.

If you agree to these rules and would like to join a gang, head over to the clan website. This isn't a clan where you have to be a pro, so don't think "I'm not good enough to join a clan". If anything, let it be your reason to join. I promise to do my best to help members improve & hopefully higher ranked members will help you too.

My contact details are:

Xfire: cactusfantastico1

Hotmail: [email protected]

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If you would do me a favour and stop spamming on this thread, it would be much appreciated. Or, if you are actually trying to inform me of a rule I am unaware of, please link to that rule and I will delete the thread. Other than that, you're polluting a thread which could be useful for my gang. Thanks.

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