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hi all i need some information

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i know we r not to ask for a release date on mta 3.5 but i am dieing to know i have gta and i dont want to waste money on getting gta vc so please someone tell will the mta .3.5 b as good as u say will i beable to do things like in singleplayer mode and plz plz tell when the thing is expected for release i hope it is soon i was told it was due out the same time as mta vc but yet i cant find it



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  • MTA Team

We will start at 0.3.5 in the next days. It will have the same features as 0.3b with some extras and a lot of improvements.

All we will do is implement support for GTA3 in our current client codenamed "core 0.3" so you will get an an almost lagfree game with far less bugs

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