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Since some people (including myself) can have difficulties creating a basic server to play a mate with, here's one for everyone to have. Please note that although i'm a noob myself, MTA is a project which i want to contribute to.

Thanks to Arc for his freeroam resource

This server extremely basic, and I have done little modification to it. It is more suited to a local network, than opening it up to the public.


I am not to be held responsible for it if it:

1. Kills your cat

2. Sets fire to your house

3. Gets OJ Simpson blamed for something else

Guide to setting up on local server:

1. Unzip folder to anywhere but preferably to the desktop, so it doesn't get lost

2. Find your ip address: In windows, open up command prompt by going Start, Run, then type "cmd" (without the quotes) or in Vista, press the windows logo, and type cmd in the search box, then press enter. In command prompt, type ipconfig, then note down your ip address. Remember that this can change, as i found out :D .

3. In the root of the server, there is a file called "MTA Server.exe" open it, and your server is now started.

4. Hop into MTA, then in quick connect, type then host computer's (yours, i guess) ip address, and in port, type 22004.

5. If you wish to administrate your server, press t, and type "/login admin admin" (the first admin being the default username, and the second being the password.

6. (Most important step) Have fun!

Change the admin details by opening up \mods\deathmatch\accounts.xml and editing whats in the " " after password. As with everything, make sure that the server isn't running when changing things or it will just revert.

Please give feedback, positive or negative (but constructive)!

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it's probably not the best idea to include an admin account with the name and password "admin" and instead of typing your own ip you can also use "localhost"

Ok, i've updated how to change admin password, but i decided not to mention the use of "localhost", because you can't access this via other computers that way (I think).

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