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xmlCopyFile function


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Hello. Here's bit of simple client-side code:

default_file = xmlLoadFile("default.xml") 
new_file = xmlCopyFile(default_file,"new.xml") 

The idea is to obtain an exact copy of a "default.xml" file given, and to rename the copy into "new.xml". Both functions returns what they should, means not "false", but nothing named "new.xml" appears in client-side game mod directory. Where's mistake? It's very pity that some functions don't have according examples at MTA-wiki page, so I have to ask for help here. Hope someone can give me such a nice example.

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Resource folder is "..\MTA San Andreas\server\mods\deathmatch\resources\testmod"

Just found that new.xml in "..\MTA San Andreas\mods\deathmatch", however it should be placed in "..\MTA San Andreas\mods\deathmatch\resources\testmod" as far as I understand. Still, can't see what's wrong. Don't have any Cyrillic in folders paths, if that matters.

As for xmlUnloadFile - sure, simply missed that in code, it doesn't affect anything, right?

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This is weird... I never had problem with files being placed in "...\deathmatch\" directory. Might be an MTA bug.

So it's a client-side script, isn't it?

If you read carefully you'd see in the first post it's client-side -_-

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Can't fight that, it keeps to create new file in "deathmatch" folder.. So there're "resources", Client.dll and that damn "localConfig.xml", which I need to be in other place. Can't believe that nobody ever faced with this. Am I the Chosen One? :-s

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