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I think we need client-side functions that create GTA SA text. Like SA-MP does. You can choose letters size, color, text shadows and outline.

What's wrong with http://development.mtasa.com/index.php?title=DxDrawText? Most GTA fonts are included.

I wrote in my post. Text shadows and outline. Hmm.. text shadows are easy to make by putting another, black text behind the words, but not outline...

edit: oh, I found the way :P

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This is a nice function to have more fun...

Sea height..

bool setSeaLevel(int level) 

returns: true or false.

You should use search. This has been discussed lots of times, there is no water level, there are separate chunks of water all over the place not anyhow connected to each other.

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Scaling would be no good.

is there a mapeditor coming in 1.0?


1. Scaling is already in. setObjectScale. The only problem is that the collisions don't scale with it, and I don't think it works on vehicles, players etc.

2. Yes there's a map editor coming. I thought it was being released soon. (stupid rumours) Oh well, it's taking a little longer... :(

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