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Unhandled Exception Error in Windows XP

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I used to play MTA all the time. One time I went to start it and I got Unhandedled error. I tried again, the same thing. Now, whenever I start it I get the error, regardless of reininstalling/uninstall then install. Then, one day, about a week or so ago, I went to install it again and it gives me a CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) and now it wont install! Today I just copied onto a CD R the contents of the game once it installs. The PC I copied it from had the NO CD crack on it. After splicing up the game and .rar ing it, I copied it all over to my PC, and as soon as I start it I get unhandeled exception. I have deleted ASE, and MTA, and still no such luck. No matter WHAT I do I cannot get this to work. I emailed Rockstar saying this and they ask me if my PC meets requirements. The thing is, it worked before, and then all of a sudden stopped working. I really need help and so far I havent read anything that helps. My email is godz_mac@yahoo.com

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Getting the Same Problem....I am running the australian version though....

I have tried to download AUS Patch from downloads section (It says that it is a 200K File) but when I click on download it takes me to a page with multiple downloads (none of which mention AUS or 200K).

Any Ideas appreciated... :?:

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OK i see a pattern here.

1 if you pick a character (not in stunt server) and there is another on of its type (sailor sailor) within the ame area (500-1000ft.) the game will display unhandeled exception.

2 if you die and pick the same character than the game will display unhandleled exception.

3 some people have map mods on and somehow are able to cheat and is not fair and causes the unhandedled exception

after computer returns from shutdown, hibernate, standby and then you start the game after 5 min BOOP! then go back in 25 min. later BOOP! and then so far its fine.

other people in the kill/deathmatch server some how bypass cheat lock and if i am shooting at them with a SPAS 12 shotgun they will not die! one sailor shoots me 2 times and im dead and i have 50% armor and 100% health and im dead him i shoot and it takes 29 shots to kill him! WTF!!!! :shock::twisted: i mean COME ON!!!! and they move lying down??? i cant shoot them!!!! they have full green bars after 20 shots of shotgun and AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! WHY!!!!???? i ask WHY???????

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1.thats not true

2Not true either

3.Any mods added to the game will make it more likely to crash even more since they havent been under a official test to see if they are stable

4.thats not true either , it might be if you leave your game running and do that of course,but in normal case after a hibernate and you start your pc back and then run the game it shouldnt/wont happen

I think you are sufering from the lag isue , somehow i'm sure your new to this game , When trying to shoot someone shoot a bit ahead of them , best way is just to shoot a bit around them untill you find the spot where you see their life go down,and yes some people have bypassed the crc check but i think what you are suffering is not the cheaters, its more of the lag issue.

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i am not new to vice city. a little to MTA yea. look what i menchiond is what happens i have tested it over and over it goes the same.

ohh and my game doesnt lag at all! it works almost better than ps2! well the only time it lags is qhen the car is oon fire and im in it thats it!..... well hopwfuly in MTA Version 1.0 it is all fixed...

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I've had a quick look on the forum and seems that no-ones fixed this. Basically a lot of people have been having the problem of the game getting stuck while loading. Some people have never played it.

I didnt have this problem originally and got about 6 months usage out of the game but then it all went pear shaped- even reformatted my hdd.

Eventually I managed to fix the damn thing- on the windows update site, there is an update for people experiencing problems with Quake 3 (something about graphical conflicts and crashes) Microsoft do say only install if you are having a problem with quake 3, but it sorted me out fine!

By reinstalling windows you are losing every bug fix that has been added to your system- windows is an incredibly shoddy piece of software that like every other program from microsoft has been released to the public unfinished (i beta'd xp release candidate 2 and it was more stable than what they sold). You need to ensure that you install ALL the windows updates to prevent conflicts and crashes. A bonus of doing this is that you also get better security protection too.

That only works for xp users tho. As for win98 people having problems, I would suggest installing the Win32 libraries for win98 if you can get hold of them, or even WinG- as that would give you better support than you currently have.

Hope this helps. 8)8)8)8)

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Hello, I'm a pure newbie and was wondering if you guys could help get me started.


Myself and a couple of buddies are trying to get a LAN game going but we can't get into the game. The game loads to about 98% in the pink bar and the yellow writting in the top says that we connect but it freezes there and thats it.

We then got another problem launching the game churning up an error when we hit "start game" in the client. It says "Cannot find mta_dll.dll".

We tried monkeying around for ages trying to find help and we're still stuck.

Could you guys help out a bunch of virtual gangsta wannabies?

Thanks and sorry if we're posting to the wrong area but we couldn't post our own topic. :)

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i have a problem, the unhandled error is fixed, im using the XP techinque, u know, propierties and i put 98/ME Mode, now the game runs fine, the problem is... the stations are al messed up! i can hear them but they are crappy and laggy!! plss, help me!

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Unfortunately there isn't a fix for this until Rockstar themselves release one. You see this problem isn't purely with MTA:VC, I've had it many times with the normal standalone release of Vice City- it happens when you pass through the [loading] screen while crossing different map areas a few times in succession. All the radio stations slow down and sound like a walkman with low batteries (or they jump about). Its something to do with when Vice City pages information from the hard disk.. and unfortunately MTA:VC is more of a drain on resources on your computer than GTA:VC was causing more paging.

The only thing I know that will make some sort of difference is to disable write ahead caching on your hard disk and to put it in DMA mode (either in the BIOS somewhere or by pressing the right hand button over your hard disk in My Computer and selecting [properties] - its in there somewhere

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I have a huge problem, when I start the mta, and I click on start game, it starts all, fine, I press on start MTA:vc, that that pink bar loads up, when it reches about 75% I get unabled expression.HOW CAN I FIX THAT!!!!????????

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ok yeah i get the same problem. Since i tweak the game manually, when ever the unhandled exception window pops it alwayz means i havent done something right or either the mod doesnt work. I often find the words furhgrekthe entered half way through the handling file or maybe a car had been completely deleated from the game. I try not to use dmagic wheels mod, as it tends to fuk up the game too. Theres plenty that can be fuked with, so be careful what you do. If you dont modify the game, and u still get this windo pop up, then consult your computer admin. Unless you have 120% + a crack or something, it would be an idea!

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sorry to butt in but i cant create my own thread.

heres my problem

ok for weeks ive been trying to play mta, firstly i had that big windows xp error so i copied all the languages except american to mta. at that time it did the same thing only just before the first loading screen, then i decided to ignore it and i still got into the game but i was all alone (obviously not connected to the server) at the airport. so then, just for poos and giggles

i copied the american into the mta folder and replaced the file. now i dont get the xp error or the unhandled exception error. it just freezes before the text comes up. normally i have to reset the pc.

i got my game from thailand, im from australia connecting to australian servers.

pissing me off badly

somebody help me.

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hey blocker

can u help with a problem

wheneva i am connecting to mta vc

its says disconnecting "Connection Timed Out"

(delay 10 sec)

And is there any other mta vc servers and can tell me

Can u please help me

Regards ivan

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can you plz help me? I have this problem, i can connect to server, but when i click on Start Game it loads up onto the Rockstar intro and then this windows error comes up saying something about gta-vc.exe.

What do i do? :(

I really wanna play MTA. I am using MTA:VC 0.3r2

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