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Unhandled Exception Error in Windows XP

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ok i got it to work. but now, i get the unhandled error thing. i did what they said, but it still dont work.

It happends sometimes.

it happens to me ALL the time

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yeah keeps locking for me too, tried everything must be software bug.. i'll look forward to more mature versions of this mod it will be awesome once the lag and stuff is sorted and everyone isn't as hard as robocop.

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Erm doesnt anybody know how to change language?

Open Vice City regularly and select the language in the options menu, or just manually copy the corresponding .gxt file from the TEXT dir to the MTA dir.

This will allow MTA / the game to read the requested file, although certain text will be messed up as MTA is not made to work with it. Small limitation.

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HI! i run MTA:VC and i connect ok and i run GTA VC new game and in the end of le loading GTA VC.exe errror and in MTA:VC serveur connnection error please help me soory i'm french

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about INGAME Errors of this type

i'v noticed a lot of times that clients crash togather sometimes more than one client get's an unhandled expactation togater at the same time well i don't know if u know this or not, just thought i shuld post what 'v detacted

PS: Of curse I mean InGame...

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grrrrrrrr this is REALLY ANNOYING, i got mta vc and it worked good for like a day then the next day i keep getting unhandled error, it happens when someone does this





whenever one of those happens it just crashes and i need to restart vc, it worked fine the day b4 too!!! i reinstalled vc then deleted the vc folder, uninstalled mtavc and deleted the folder, then installed vc and then mtavc and i played single player to see if it worked, and it did. then i played online and someone died and it got that handle error!!!!! whats wrong with it!?!? i have winXP... this is soo annoying :evil:

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I have noticed that there is usually player 1 is SWAT, player 2 is some other model, and so on. But until recently now whenever I am the Swat dude I experience almost infinite car jackings, and i am killed very easily by other players. I can shoot for hours at anyone in the game, but they will never die. Its whenever i am some of the other character models the game works perfect. Even there are less timeouts and gamecrashes as some of the diffrent character models.

Is there a specific order of character models assigned to the player numbers or is it random or what???

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LIke with everyone, gta vc crashes a lot. This doesn't matter, but my problem is, that about one in four times i am not able to alt tab back in to windows, and am eventually forced to push the reset button.

Isn't there a program that automaticly "catches" a freezing program, and then closes it for you?

I vaguely remember i had a program like that. Microsoft Word has a program that does this for example.

I hope someone knows this problem and maybe even has a solution!


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i have exactly the same problem RedRob has!

- when playing MTA:VC, the games stops (freezes), but the music from radios still continue. i cannot change it after freezing.

i don't know what is causing the problem, because, after computer freezes, i need to use hard reset.

is there any solution to this problem?


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