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Scripter In need!

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Hi guys, Its me again :shock::P

I now got My own Server (Evolution) and i am looking for a good scripter because my current scripter is


2.Always Offline :/

So i am on a journey for a another one if you join u will get :

Admin rights (just dont abuse em :P )

Admin Tag ( every admin ahs that xD )

Access to almost everything (i mean scripts not my whole pc :P )

So, If you Want the join Contact me at [email protected] (msn)

Ayay, AeroXbird

PS: Im not a pirate :D

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I honestly doubt anyone is going to find these "generous offers" of yours interesting in the slightest. Loads of people already work on other things, and wouldn't do anything for free, (don't think admin rights in some unknown server is actually payment of any kind,) whereas the rest are probably too unskilled to be able to accomplish anything.

If you want scripts, you'll probably have to pay up, or learn how to script yourself.

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