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Crap! What have I done!!!!


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A stupid friend of mine told me to use the damn cheat that makes you have all the weapons... I listened to him and now I'm banned...

The server is De Simbad De Zeeman, and I really love that server, I play on it all day long! I have always played fairly, but today I used that stupid cheat and got automatically banned..

It will never happen again, may I please get unbanned? I really had fun there! I finally got enough money to buy myself my first car and bike, and I also have a lot of school friends who play there, so we really had fun playing together!

Plus, I made some awesome new friends there!

I swear something like this will never happen again, I`m not one of those bastards who enjoy hacking servers and cheating... I just got convinced in doing something terribly wrong, please forgive me.

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I got rid if all the weapon hacks I had, and I am thankfully unbanned!

The only problem is that the weapons HAVE REMAINED with me! So each time I want to kill someone, I get banned again...

Admins, could you please remove all those weapons from my account? Thanks a lot.

Username: Yarko

Server: De Simbad de Ziiman


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