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I have a problem,please help.


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Hello all,I'm new in here,I used to play MTA Race but IE started not to work and I guess because of that I couldn't find any servers.Now I reinstalled my pc and installed GTA SA,and MTA SA Race as well.The problem is(I installed MTA in the GTA SA folder):When I start MTA,this thing appears:


I tried unistalling it (for several times) but it always does the same thing.Also,when I click OK and try to run MTA again,there's a gta_sa.exe process alerdy running so I need to close it first,and than again,this error message shows up.

I didn't knew where to put this topic,so PLEASE HELP ME.


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Hai, all you need to do is download that dll (http://www.dll-files.com/dllindex/dll-files.shtml?d3dx9_33) and place it in your MTA folder located in your GTA SA installation directory.

I had this same problem but for GTA3, i also downloaded that .dll and placed it and didnt work (tried both the GTA3 directory and WIN32 folder) but nothing seemed to work, its probably my rubish pc but anyways

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