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Got a great server idea? Or a few of them? See this topic!


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I see there is a lot of people with great scripts or even gamemodes, just waiting for somebody to host them.

So, i decided to drop a great offer for you guys!

I will host one or few great server ideas on my dedicated box, which has unlimited 100\100mbit connection, Fast processor and lots of RAM.

Also, if you are looking for a server where you can test your stuff as public, this offer is for you too, although you need to tell me about what kinds of scripts you want to test.

Or maybe you are already hosting your popular mta server, and think you cant afford that, or simply dont want to pay for it? Want your popular server being hosted for free? If so, feel free to contact me!

About my dedicated box,

- 100mbit line, no transfer limits

- Located in Helsinki, Finland

- 247 uptime

You will get a SSH access to your home directory, aswell as an FTP account.

You can contact me by private message, or just reply to this topic.

- LilSan


PS. I know its not the right section for this topic, but certainly the best.

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