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I recently launched my server and I actually do not know how he takes to be admin?

I can not do when people insult me on my server. I create an account for me to be admin, but I do not know or place?

Will I have to open a file and change the admin password, or is what I must do to create?

Because I do not understand how to be admin. Sorry for my English.

Thank you for your response

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Precisely, I ask my question or we must save. I posted on several forum as GTAmacréator made and the system is badly done. When we see that simple air, but when I ask about it, yes indeed it's hard.

Here is my file and dIsère me where, what line or what part of the file should I save.

And I create an account and that is that I want to admin.

Here is my file:

This is the only thing you can help me and between things, do not point, I have to see it accurately.

Thank you very much

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sorry for the script long, long, long ... ^ ^

Yes I connect with my account, I /login Game2Game password and mark that I'm connected and when I do /kick pseudo or /ban pseudo, it marks nothing and the person is not kicked.

My password is not true of course.

But the place where you specifically and how it is to ban or kicked?


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