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Old lvl:s

Guest belsbubba


Hello there!

I just woundering, where are all old lvl:s and all the servers that was running deathmatches and little moore demanding lvl, i just cant find them anylonger, like XIII Clan server, all gone after update?

I am little confused and i cant just find anything about it.....


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It might be that servers have quitted after a time, yes. Or they are just in the back of the MTA server list. :P

I'd suggest to go find some new servers, and see if you like 'em. There aren't as many servers as on SA:MP, but they're still quite varying. (or however you spell it :P)

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Yeah, but this server has been here for long time, i just checked out their homepage at http://www.xiii-mta.com/news.php

and it is ppl in and playing but i cant connect to their server even that it is a public server that i played on a lot before the new mta.....

I think i missing something here, but i cant just figure out what....:-)

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