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MultipliCity - The MTA:VC Mod Mod


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The MultipliCIty Mod Team's mission is this:

Our goal is to create a Vice City conversion that will maximmize the experience. The origional Vice City map was obviousely not made with the multiplayer experience in mind. With the current player limit at 32, We feel the map is far to large for maximized gameplay. We are open to ANY suggestions, whether it be map type, vehicle selection, or the theme of it all (it doesn't have to be Vice City). We would like to do for Vice City what Desert Combat did for BF1942. We are currently trying to work out the legistics of a proposed partnership between MultipliCity and MTA. Thus far I have nothing but support and positive feedback from the MTA team. We are still looking for only a couple more people on the mod team, another mapper, texture artist, and converter (from 3ds to dff), and a placer(repositioning objects within the map).

Check us out at the link below. Sign up, show us your support, and give some ideas. This mod is a democracy for the most part, if enough of you want it, we'll put it ingame.

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A good idea TrUnX, albeit a difficult one to impliment.

A note about the cars:

We do not have the manpower to model a new vehicle for each of the vehicles ingame. Because of this we will be requesting/accepting submissions from people. If you would like to see your vehicle in a release of this mod, you only need to meet the following guidelines.

[1] The vehicle must be submitted by the origional author.

[2] The vehicle must be of good quality, with a reflection map

[3] You must include a handling config with your vehilce, if you cannot make one, we might be able to. But this is very time consuming, so we would appreciate all your efforts to have someone else do it until we get a handling specialist.

[4] If there are certain colors you would like this vehicle to be, please include them

As for updated news on the mod, we have another webmaster, so work on the site is picking up steam. During this time we will be accepting new aplicants to fill the positions above, but will be making little to no progress on the mod. Expect to things progress quickly once our site is up.

Xerox, I would like to see this stickied, but I think it will stay at the top for a while regaurdless :)

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i wouldnt mind tryin to help

but im in the same position as trunx pretty much

ive made maps for many other games (cs, ut, ut2k3, q3, jk2 - pretty much all fps games. heh) but i have no idea where to begin making a map for gta vc...if you COULD provide me with the tools or tell me where to get em or what to use, then i would be glad to help indeed :)

oh and btw

i just signed up on forums today

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :D

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Hey petebog. I was thinking you could do everyone a favor. Gather up all the tools, and the ones you don't find I'll get and make a zip and send it to me. I'll post it for these guys to download.

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An update for you all. We are addressing the car situation right now. We will be accepting submissions for MultipliCity edition vehicles. Read below for more info.


[1] You must be the origional author.

[2] Your submission must be complete.

[3] You must submit your vehicle in a form that is unavailable anywhere else. Meaning your submission must have an exclusive MultipliCity skin, or other alterations to make it a "special edition".

[4] We would appreciate if your submission was complete with a handling file until we have someone specifically for handling. (There is an opening for a handling.cfg specialist).

What you receive:

[1] You will receive a mention in the credits.

[2] If you submit 3 or more vehicles you will have the opportunity to have your own dealership in the final release with your cars parked there for display

[3] If you submit 2 or more vehicles, you will receive a billboard.

If you are unclear on anything else, ask questions here.

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why not include a gangsters/cops mode as in Midtown Madness?

trying to get the money and bring to the gangsters HQ or the bank (if you play cops) would be much fun in a large city.

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Good question Xerox, So here is the long version. You know what is going on mostly, so I'll explain it in detail for the general population.

Making a map, or maps... This all depends on what happens with the code. If the ability to load maps can be implemented, there will be many smaller maps, however, for now we are assuming that this can't be done (just to be on the safe side), so we are creating one map, a large map, with many many things to do. If we go with the later idea this large map will be somewhat like a few mini-maps.

There so many different ways map switching could be done though. This will be left up to mostly the MTA Dev's as they would be doing the coding for the clients ability to switch between maps. The more I think about it the easier it becomes. I will outline one scenario here.

Let's say all your maps (in a map-pack type format) would be downloaded into one folder. When you logon to a server (or if the current server is about to change maps) the server sends out a request to your client to see if you have the appropriate map-pack. If you have the map-pack the server will then signal the client to install, alter, and overwrite the necessary files and folders in your Vice City directory, much like installing a map mod for SP. When the client was finished it would then signal the server that you are ready. Once everyone is ready the game would need to reload (possibly by the MTA client restarting it?) the game. Once everyone was reloaded, the game would start.

I know that all sounds simple enough, and alot of it is. But some aspects of it are not so easy, and the time it would take to make several maps would be profound. There are also things that I don't know about this process, for that information a much more knowledgeable programmer would need to explain it.

So there you have it. The tip of the iceberg. Now you can see that the MTA and MultipliCity teams have a lot of discussing, and a lot of work ahead of them.

I speak for both teams when I say that we would love to hear your suggestions. I ask that you not flood our PM boxes with requests though. If you have a skill that you feel would be invaluable to the MultipliCity project however, feel free to PM me. We all read this thread regularly, so any suggestions posted here will be read, and all suggestions will be considered.

I hope I have cleared things up for all of you. Now that we are all on the same page, Let's see that support.

Best Regards, EEOS.

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Map loading will consist of teleport points leading to places either above ground or below ground. This is how we will change maps/gametypes

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[3] You must include a handling config with your vehilce, if you cannot make one, we might be able to. But this is very time consuming, so we would appreciate all your efforts to have someone else do it until we get a handling specialist.


Hey, aren't I your handling specialist? I will set up any cars which get sent my way for Multiplicity. Best bet is to get in touch with me via MSN Messanger.

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ok, i hear lots of rumors regarding the status of this mod. nothing in this thread suggests multiplicity is dying. i have heard, though, that today was its last day. that the team is moving on to an hl2 mod called fueled. i have looked for info about this mod but get only "its a mod" and "its a mod for hl2" but today i had a breakthrough. someone said "its a mod for hl2 that is gta-esque". whats the damn deal? shut the door.

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