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1. i got a single player message twice when GameMode starts, the one with "To stop Carl from entering the car press....."

2. i have noticed also some animation desyncs while killing with the knife from behind, either the victim is not around you i mean it disappears, either the victim was facing the killer etc.

3. once i saw a player "walk-o-flying", i mean the animation was the one of running, but the player was moving much faster.

4. in the HAY-MODE i saw a few times some haystacks been thrown out of their place, and disappearing.

5. i also got a "Runtime Error" from %installpath%\gta_sa.exe in the hay mode, or when the mode changed.

6. in race mode got "Network Trouble" and got disconnected.

7. in the "gang vs cops" mod (really dunno its name), if you try to take the weapons on the ground, they disappear for a short time and appear again, and because of this there were to WAY to MANY weapons around.

8. dunno if is a bug, but is not very pleasant, a few times the single player TAB status menu appeared.

9. once in the FreeRoam a car was "looking" in one direction and "walking" in other, like 30degrees difference. Also in the race i noticed some collisions, but the cars were with collisions disabled, and a few times the other cars get ontop of your car, but without affecting anything.

10. the other guys noticed too, some cars started to burn when you tried entering them.

i thing this is all, i hope it was somewhat helpfull, and EXCUSE MY ENGLISH, is not my first language. :)

now i would like to post some screenshots i took :)

a lot of CJ`s on haystack:

The race`s START GRID:

GrooveStreet Wars:



Groove HELL!!!


Black Screen of Death :)) (with something in the corner, under the chatbox)

Again, ALOT OF CJ`s with helmets

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