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Hunter and other helicopters

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will you be able to fly the hunter around and destroy other players...aka can you fly helicopters.....also will MTA have pretty much every feature that vice city has...........and will you be able to do missions/do missions with your friends

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Helicopters yes, destroy no. We have put in support for the Heli's, but the weapons on the hunter do not work properly.

MTA does not have EVERY feature that VC has. Give us time and we will have everything you will need.

You cannot do missions officially, but you can create your own for now. Give us time.

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ah so sorry if it was already sayd, what is the way to do make missions, that all can play on mta vc ??, need it to be lot of code ?, thx for the reply, and really sorry if it was answered, i just tested the mod today, and it just amazing, so i wanted to know how to make missions :c)

EDIT ===> Thx for the reply, i'll waiting for an next release that will support it :c)

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i think what cray meant by 'create your own' was a more freestyle kind of thing, for instance, today alone in servers there have been organised amongst players,

Streetrace (set route, there and back, any vehicles u want, loser has to allow winner to destroy the losers ride)

Follow the leader, set initial waypoint, leader at that time leads other s have to try and keep up, if u take the lead YOU choose where to go.

Helicopter tag, this was hilarious, one heli was 'it and had to hit another heli who would then be 'it' sounds a bit dull and childish but it was a BLAST

(shame helis dont take that many hits hehe)

Kill SoRat. he did something to upset someone, i forget what, probably blew up cars at start of an organised race, so the shout ewent out to hunt him down and kill him.. result, 11 players searching for him in helis, cars bikes, followed by mad chases and massive gunfights..the best thing of all was the guy was a real good sport about it and didnt compain once.

first to hunter. we all started on foot at spawn, was mad rush to get a vehicle withot being jacked, followed by any route we could to get to the hunter. at which point we had 4 people trying to get into it at once! lol

Stunt show, obvious really, ging around as a group showing off stunts and places TO stunt.

Stunt truck, one guy gets a stunt truck, and selects places to put it..often ending up with the stunters going straight into the river.

Hold the Malibu.. as it says on the tin, 2 guys where in malibu at the bar, the rest of us had to try and get to the office while they tried to stop us. worked well.

Destruction derby free-for-all.. any vehicle you like, only rule was not allowed to exit by any way other than death, ended with a 2 man shootout in the centre on foot as all vehicles where rolled ad shot to pieces

Beach race.. as seen in the BetaMass test the evening before release.

Rooftop jumps..starting in the office with the lft (near northernmost bridge, has heli on the ledge) we tried to follow the same route as the single player mission, jumping thru the glass window onto roof opposite and beyond..great fun with 3 people on pcj600

And this was just today! So, the possibilities are endless already, just get things going, other people want somethign specific to do too so use the chat!

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I've found the hunter in MTA cause i occasionally spawn right at it.. could ya tell me where the police chopper is... I've been searching... even using the hunter but have yet to find it. thanks for any info regardless.

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