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Loading Game enabled!

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I think, it should be possible for all to load their games (mostly different)

For that I have some ideas to make it possible. I hope they are not very hard to program:

1. Both Islands are enabled! But if one Player, who has in his game only the first one, enters the other Island he will be followed by the police with 6 stars!

2.The Sunshine autohouse is there with all 4 Bonus-Cars! If you have in your game only played 2 Cars of them, you can't enter the other ones, they are closed for you! For others Maybe all cars are open or all closed!

3.Garages are there with all cars! Only one person can open any, the others can't enter it, they must wait untill the person in the garage leaves it!( They see the garage closed!)

But you can't hide you in the garage all time! After 15 secconds the person in it will lose his energy slowly, so that after 60 seconds he will be dead!

This is only one suggestion for an gamemode, but for me it sounds well! I Hope it will be in one of the next Releases! :D

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  • MTA Team

you can't load games with our main.scm. That is the whole problem! We used to use another main.scm

The new client will be different. If the client is not working you get VC single player. If you run our client it uses another .scm file and you will play multiplayer. We finally figured that out

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