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Crappiest Computers Successfully Playing MTA

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Hey all - I just installed GTASA and MTA on an older computer I have. It's a:


nVidia GEForce 2 MX400 graphics card w/32mb of RAM (Yes, the advanced graphics settings even work fine - YAY nVidia)

256mb of RAM

It's definately below the "required" system specs for GTASA but guess what - it runs really well (albeit in "Low" graphics mode!)

MTA dp2.3 starts up fine and connects to my server wonderfully. I even killed some players, flew around in a chopper, etc. with no laggy graphics or any problems :o)

So, now I'm curious - what's some other crappy systems that people have successfully gotten MTA to run on?

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Ati Radeon 9250 256mb, runs on DirectX 8 and GTA SA has 9...

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well, I got 1gb RAM,

Intel Graphics card with 128 mb ram,

Intel Celeron M Inside 1.73GHz

should these specs be good enough to run SA?

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I use to have a shocking machine in terms of gameplay. I use to have an old SiS chipset, one of the cheapest, but this was later upgraded as I managed to somehow sell the computer. I did have a 128MB NVIDIA 5200 and the driver which was installed was just useless, the settings were next to none. The system had 128MB of RAM and was later replaced by a 512MB DDR2-400 100MHz module. If you saw everything else of the machine, you would have kicked it in also, I only had it for a short amount of time thankfully as cover for my other system.

The broadband speed I was receiving at the time just made things worst.


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This computer right here had a few upgrades. Starting with 2.4 GHz single unthreaded CPU, 256 MB RAM, and Intel Extreme Graphics onboard (they are about as extreme as shitting out a phone book.) This didn't work anyways because we had to go out and get a DVD drive just to install San Andreas. Ran like poop, so then we put 1GB Mushkin ram in there. That helped alot. Then we put a GeForce FX5500 PCI in there, that helped alot too. The problem is that you still can't play San Andreas great unless you turn the settings down to "Low". Oh well, at least I can play my Combat Arms.

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