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When I tried playing over LAN network, It worked, but with incredible lag.

Lan should be about 300MB/second, but here it's really insane, perhaps an options at the mta startup screen should be made, "PLAY LAN GAME" with different settings so it's "LAN or higher" connection speed.

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As mentioned elsewhere on the forum it is recommended that the default speed setting of 14k be used by people of all connections, also note that .3b is very much alpha, released due to popular demand so people have something no matter how buggy that they can experience.

Lag is inherent in that version (although i hear much less of an issue than in the previous beta releases) yet i play every day on dialup and dont notice it much on the most part. If it does get exceptionally buggy or laggy i simply restart it and continue the fun :)

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its only 0.3B as in Beta.

future versions will have much rediced lag.

no point compliaining about something that we know about, has been mentioned, and has been improved upon (least in the tests i was in =P)


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