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"Project Artificial Intelligence" crew sing up.

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Hello, everyone. My name is Kazis, I am 15 years old, from Lithuania. I am and experienced LUA programmer. For the last two years, in my free time, I have been studying all I could find about Artificial Intelligence (it is also known as A.I.). I have learned quite alot about it. As I have always wanted to, now I am starting the new project named: Project A.I. . The goal of this project is to create a system with a mind. A system, that would have the power to learn without any pre-formated input and use what it has learned if needed. I have come across alot of platforms, but I have found Multi Theft Auto: Deathmatch most suitable, and the programming language LUA, the best language to build this kind of project on. A.I. system in this project, should make a virtual human bot in the game of San Andreas learn from real people characters that are in the game, and if successful, later repeat the actions done, to get wanted results. This was a short description of what this project is all about and in theory, it is not too hard to make it. Further information will be available on our website as soon as it will be open. Now about the crew that is needed. Currently only I am in the project, so I need many people. First of all, I need 4 programmers to programm the A.I. system. I have already know how the system should work, so we, the programmers, should only do the hard work. Secondly, I will need 1 webmaster, to take care of the website and forum. And 3 betatesters, that would check wheter the system works. If you wish to apply, please reply to this thread with tha following info:

1. Your name and last name (optional).

2. Your age.

3. Contact info (e-mail or MSN address).

4. Wanted position in the project.

5. Knowledge about A.I.

6. Additional notes (why do you think, you should be accepted. Or anything else that matters to you).

Thank you for reading. If you need any additional information, please PM me.

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1. i like my ananimity sorry lol

2. 16

3. Pm on forum if you need it (i still don't want to end up with adverts lol)

4. betatester or programmer been doing lua quite a while now

5. none at the moment, but hoping to learn (Also happen to be doing games development at college in september) and know how most of this can be acheived using functions within dp2 and dp3

6. First team ive applied for lol, its sorta shows been working my way up scripting and programing languages for ages now get through them pretty quickly done lua, pawno, php, html, mirc and i started VB this july getting on very nicely Also have significant amount of time to spend on the creation and completion of this mod due to the holidays

Sorry i don't want to be using a whole new mod :S

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1: Hankey van Poo (I'm not going to state my real name here :P )

2: 16

3: I sent you a pm

4: Coder (Have a look here for a list of resources i published)

5: Not really much; I made some attempts to make a simple auto-pilot for cars in mta but i lost interest in it...

6: It's the first project announced here that sounds interesting to me (Not one of these boring "RolePlay Scripting Projects") and i especially like the idea of an A.I. that is able to learn from surrounding events though im not sure how you plan to realize that =)

Edit: I'll stick with mta just ignore this application...

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1. William

2. 20

3. madeup@y7mail.com

4. betatester

5. very little. counter-strike bots? :P and the AI movie :fadein:

6. I think I could help. I have a basic understanding of lua. I tested thoroughly the scripts I wrote so I have a tiny bit of experience. And I been around race a long time so i've seen alot around mta. but not as much as old school people.

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Sounds like overly ambitious. What algorithms are you planning to use, and how exactly are you going to implement the learning?

in theory, it is not too hard to make it.

I'm quite sure it will be in practice. Making it do stuff it learned from people isn't very hard. Making it show learned behavior intelligently is extremely hard.

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It has been a few weeks with no reply here, but I didn't gave up. Though, I decided to port the project to a self-made multiplayer mod for vice city. I am currently working on the modification and since these forums are for MTA only, I will buy a domain and drop a link here soon. Thanks for your patience.

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If you want to make a complicated AI system then i would advise against using a closed source platform such as MTA or GTA to start from, your just giving yourself extra work, there are open source game engines out there that will suit your project alot better.

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