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Own serial system?


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Since all this bullshit and the 8 967 346 548 218 321 threads about it are essentially because Strongbit took down a service, why not make your own? Putting together a little something to extract hardware IDs isn't hard. Hashing/encrypting it isn't hard. Making it in PHP isn't particularly hard. Putting the PHP script up isn't hard. Then, the installers could be modified, and even if people would need to get new serials, it's better than having all new registrations effectively cut off, and the forums spammed with barely intelligible "HAAALP I R NEEDZ TEH SRLZZZ!!!!!!!!!1111111"#¤!"#!%T&!#¤&%¤54523 I HAZ USRNAME IZ leetdude1996" posts, flame posts, and goodbye posts by the hundreds...

What do you all think? Devs as well as other community members?

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That sounds fabulous. There's just one problem; A lot of people don't know how to do even one of those things you mentioned.

Can you link us up a few tutorials for users, and tools to simplify the process? Sounds like there's some learning to do here!

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Nonono, I meant for the devs - they need to make their own... On IRC yesterday though, I think IJs said they'd done it already and it was to be used with DP3...

Until that of course, we still have to suffer through the whining. Oh, well. :wink:

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