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Hello, I'm a senior member of Multi Theft Auto and I've been playing here since early 05'. Well, a few months back I decided to try out the developers preview and it worked fine but once day I decided to uninstall it for a while. I reinstalled the developers preview, enter in my username and password and it wont let me click next or continue. At first, when I tried playing, it said I had an invalid serial. I'm really confused and I would really like to play since I'm playing in a community that will release a new gamemode for Multi Theft Auto and I don't want to be waiting around for another month till something happens. I tried to go into the IRC but nobody would help. There's 172 people inside of this chat and nobody said anything. I've been trying to get this fixed for the passed two weeks now and it's getting nearer and nearer to the release of the new gamemode and I still haven't accomplished anything. Please, help me get this fixed. I beg you all to help me with this issue, I'd really like to play. And, something I'd like to say about the serial generator, it's been a month now and it's still not working? Some of you people might not care for those who cannot play since you're able to play but they're not. They'd like to play as well. I'm absolutely angry since I'd have to go through all of this sh** just to play a game with some good friends of mine.

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Your having the same issue as I am as if you would have searched you would have found that out. ;) It appears as of now http://www.mtabeta.com, the site/server that holds every single mta account (as so I believe) is currently down. We all have to wait, thus of us who don't have the game installed until the team decides to give us support, whenever that happens.

On a side note, this problem is NOT the serial problem. If we already have accounts then obviously we can't be having the serial problem people who don't have accounts are having. :roll: Therefore, don't worry about any issues with serials.

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