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Once upon a time...

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I know your problem.. I had it, too.

I reinstalled windows, and the error was gone.

He tells you, that he wants to have the account details you entered the first time :D So, do it or reinstall Windows.

When you reinstall Windows, you can take each accout, but remember: This will work only one time, after you want to use another accout, you have to reinstall windows again. ;)

But at the moment, it wont very useful to reinstall Windows for playing MTA, you cant get any serials...

Like you said, the system is a bit crappy.

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How can you not remember what email address you used? How many do you have? Maybe you could come up with a list, send it to lil_Toady or another administrator and they might be able to check the records and see if any of them exist.

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