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Crash after GTA splash screens[SOLVED]

Guest TomCorby

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I'm running XP and my computer is certainly able to handle GTA. I had another error where it closed after the MTA splash, but I fixed that with help from the wiki, then d3dx9_33.dll was missing, so I downloaded that, and now:

I load MTA, it does the MTA stop playing with yourself splash, then it does all the GTA startup screens (nVidia etc, then those two Rockstar videos, then the startup video) then if I skip them or watch through the vids, it goes to the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas screen for less than a second, then abruptly closes gta_sa.exe. This happens every single time. I tried just installing the map editor on its own (that's all I need it for, its the best map editor) and still no difference. HELP! need to make a new map by tomorrow

Just deleted SA-MP, reinstall and solved THIS issue, gt more now.

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