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Notice : All times are in CET!

Last wednesday the ISP of our host (IO.nl) upgraded the firmware of there routers. Apperantly some people found out and started attickg them with DDOS attacks. Due to these attacks the routers started to crash since they were still being configured. The attack started around 16:30 and ended thursday around 11:50.

During this time the entire netwerk was dificult to reach and even off line from time to time.

Our host has enough of IO.nl since attacks like these happend before. IO promises a compleet redundant system, but yet they failed to stay online. Therefore our host decided to move to another datacentre with a new ISP. The servers will go offline in the night from saturday to sunday at midnight. And should be up within 6 hours.

Due to the fact all IP adressess change the DNS servers need to be updated. Therefore it is possible that our site and IRC server will be unavailable for up to 48 hours trough the domain name. Instead you can connect to the IRC server or visit our site by using our new IP we will get.

The new datacentre has a high SLA and is completle redundant. The site should become faster and downtime should be completly gone.

Our new ip will be and we hope it will be online next sunday around 06:00 . U may use this then to visit the site or our IRC server!


DDOS : distributed denial of service attack : a form of attack on servers or routers. Sending requests to them which are denied. Sending many of these attacks from different machines over broadband connection causes bandwith problems on that server/router and may let it crash

SLA : Service License Agreement : a contract between a host and datacentre which determens which services are provided.

Redundant : A setup of a network so there is always a way available to connect to : if one way is blocked all traffic will go another way. Powergrids, phonelines, tv cables are also redundant!

CET : Central European Time : The time zone in western europe (Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Paris, ...) UK/ireland is one hour behind, American east cost 6 hours behind At this moment we are at GMT+2 To know which timezone u r in, check http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/

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