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SetVehicleLightState and SetVehicleDoorState broken?!


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I experimented a bit with this Function and it seems randomly not to work...

First tries on the front Lights worked well, as I started trying to break the rear Lights it just reset the Game Time to 0:00.

With a Command that switches off both rear Lights I got them off, but there was no Way to get them back on, just resets the Game Clock. Also, after I broke the rear Lights the Front Lights also just reset the Game Clock to 0:00.

So after breaking and reparing some Lights the Function just resets the Game Clock. Really randomly.


Does only work for all Doors, so the Door Argument doesn't do anything.

State 1 is the same as State 0.

State 3 and 4 work.

For all my Testings I used a Sentinel. Should work with it.

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