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Lua Coder Searched!!

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hi guys, You may dont know me yet But Im Fatalitry Owner of fatalitry productions of wich you dont know too

Ive Just opened my new server and im searching For a expierenced LUA coder Because ive got no time to learn lua or Search for lua Scripts Because of Private reasons.

So im in seacrh for Coders Out here Wich Can code lua scripts for mta.

heres the deal.

The coder Needs to stands ready to Get (coding) if i ask it one time in the week.

Im ready to give the coder Administrator rights But he Has to follow the rules too such as the other Admins.

If The coder dousnt Got the time To code for me I understand that.

So if you can code LUA Tell me What your name is And All that stuff Here And if i accept you Just add me to msn and I will see you When You come online!!

My msn =

[email protected]

Regards, Fatalitry

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